Business Lending Blueprint is a groundbreaking online training and coaching program that empowers individuals to establish, grow, and scale their own financial services businesses.


USA, September 1, 2023 — Business Lending Blueprint (BLB), the groundbreaking online training and coaching program, proudly announces its remarkable achievement of securing a spot on the prestigious INC5000 list for the second consecutive year. This recognition serves as a testament to BLB’s unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to establish, expand, and flourish in their financial services enterprises, even without any prior experience, licensing, or degrees.

Business Lending Blueprint is a trailblazing initiative that has been transforming the landscape of financial entrepreneurship. With an impressive track record and a unique approach, BLB stands out as a beacon of opportunity for those seeking to venture into the world of financial services without the traditional barriers to entry.

The INC5000 recognition is a resounding validation of BLB’s exceptional value and impact within the alternative lending industry. The program’s innovative recession proof business model enables ordinary individuals to forge their own path in the financial sector by leveraging the power of other people’s capital. This transformative approach allows aspiring entrepreneurs to sidestep the need for extensive experience or specialized expertise, making financial entrepreneurship more accessible than ever before.

Unlike conventional paths like real estate or mortgage ventures, Business Lending Blueprint offers a distinctive route to success. The program equips participants with the knowledge, tools, and support required to establish and grow their own funding businesses. By tapping into the principles of leveraging external funds, BLB empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the complex terrain of business loan broker services confidently.

At the heart of BLB’s mission is the belief that anyone with the drive and determination can excel in the financial services realm. This program defies the notion that only individuals with prior experience or formal education can thrive in the industry. Through a meticulously crafted curriculum, participants gain insights into the intricate world of business funding, financial strategies, and relationship building, setting them up for sustainable success.

“We are honored to have Business Lending Blueprint recognized on the INC5000 list for the second year in a row,” says a spokesperson from Business Lending Blueprint. “This achievement underscores the transformative potential of our approach and the countless success stories that have emerged from our community. Our goal is to continue empowering individuals to break free from limitations and create thriving financial service businesses.”

BLB’s second consecutive year on the INC5000 list serves as a testament to the enduring impact the program has on its participants and the industry at large. By democratizing the financial services arena and demystifying the processes involved, Business Lending Blueprint has truly redefined what’s achievable for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As BLB continues to scale new heights, the program remains dedicated to its core principles of accessibility, education, and support. With a community of driven individuals at its core, BLB is shaping a future where financial entrepreneurship is open to all, irrespective of their background or qualifications.

About Business Lending Blueprint: Business Lending Blueprint is a groundbreaking online training and coaching program that empowers individuals to establish, grow, and scale their own financial services businesses. With a unique focus on leveraging external funds, BLB makes the world of financial entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, regardless of prior experience or expertise. The program’s recognition on the INC5000 list for two consecutive years underscores its transformative impact on the industry.

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