Business After God is the company that helps business owners make money online and live purpose-driven lives. Now, they’re proud to announce their “Multiply The B.A.G.” 5-Day Challenge, where they will help entrepreneurs make more sales online. 


Scottdale, GA, August 16, 2022 — Business After God helps business owners to make money online and live purpose-driven lives. The program offered by the company provides solutions to reach their financial goals and live more purposeful lives, giving them real-life examples of how to build a successful business from scratch.

The Business After God program won’t make you rich overnight or make someone else rich, but it will make you rich if you are willing to make sacrifices. Users must be reminded that there are no shortcuts when making online money: it is much like an athlete practicing on a field every day even after getting only one hour of sleep. Because sometimes, what doesn’t seem fair or fun at first is exactly what we need to make it to the next level.

Among their available offers, you’ll be able to find their “Multiply The B.A.G. 5-Day Challenge”, which helps entrepreneurs to grow their business to 7-figures and beyond, create a recession-proof income, and increase leads and sales while gaining confidence and clarity in building your business. 

At the “Multiply The B.A.G.” 5-Day Challenge you’ll learn:

  1. Discover exactly how to get your business’s MOST leads and sales in Today’s market.
  2. Understand the best advertising-free channels for your business.
  3. Skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop most companies and go right to the end of the process.
  4. Get to know exactly where your next client or sale is coming from.
  5. Have a TON more money in your pocket when you can predictably have more control over your income.

Choose to boost your business and enroll in the 5-Day challenge class that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish, getting the exact blueprint you need to succeed. You’ll be backed by their “Good As Gold” 100% Money Back Guarantee, where if you feel that the challenge and all that you’re getting isn’t worth ten times what you’re paying or as “good as gold”, then you can receive a full refund of $97.

About the Founder, Ahmaad M. Green:

Ahmaad M. Green is an entrepreneur, minister for the Gospel of Christ Jesus, founder of Business After God and expert on Digital Marketing that has generated over $10M+ in digital marketing campaigns. He aspires to exemplify uncompromising integrity, faith, and service to the world and help Christian Entrepreneurs Make Money Online and Live A Life of Purpose.

His mission is to help others get on the path to business success with an honest approach of teaching you how to build your own business that will glorify God in every area possible. He’s looking to help thousands of people worldwide reach their financial goals and live more purposeful lives by giving them real-life examples of how to build a successful business from scratch.

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Contact Info:

Name: Ahmaad M. Green
Organization: Business After God
Address: 485 Lantern Wood Drive
Phone: 4044165607