Bubblegum Casting is Australia’s longest-running modelling agency that helps children get their foot in the door of acting and modelling. They help train aspiring models for finding gigs and help match them with the right jobs for their skills and interests.


South Melbourne, AUS, 14 October 2022 – Bubblegum Casting is Australia’s longest-running modelling agency for child talent. They are based in Melbourne but also have an agency in Sydney — providing opportunities for Australian children in both cities. 

Bubblegum Casting remains the best child talent agency throughout Australia. As a Melbourne Modelling Agency, they recognize the skills and talent that your child has and can match them with the right gigs. They continue to be the fastest-growing child talent agency in the city and are the best option to help your child, no matter what their experience level, find high-paying gigs for both modelling and acting.

Bubblegum Casting has also launched a Sydney Modelling Agency to expand their reach and create more opportunities throughout Australia. While their headquarters remain in Melbourne, the Sydney office has become their largest market and continues to grow each year.

Bubblegum Casting’s new managing director Adam Jacobs has worked hard to help Bubblegum Casting continue to become the leader in this space. As he states, “Bubblegum Casting is Australia’s longest-running child talent agency but our competition remains fierce. We’ve worked relentlessly to help turn our child talent into major stars.”

The modelling agency Sydney expects to continue to see more child talent coming in. They also expect to see more of their talent making it big in various fields, from photography to video. They have hosted major events that their talent has been part of, and also host workshops to train their talent.

Their clientele has enjoyed working with Bubblegum Casting’s child talent in both Melbourne and Sydney. They’ve appeared in productions such as Saddle Club, City Homicide, and Round The Twist. They’ve also appeared in stage productions of shows as varied as Les Miserables and Sound of Music.

Their talent has also appeared in major commercials from top brands such as Oreo, Kraft, SPC, Mcdonald’s, IKEA, Sony, Toyota, and Volkswagen. For fashion shoots, they also work with brands as varied as Nike, David Jones, Vodafone, Target, and Huggies.

Bubblegum Casting only expects their client base to increase, and also expects to continue creating more opportunities for talent across Australia.

You can visit their website to learn more about how they help manage child talent and help children find gigs throughout Melbourne and Sydney. Whether your child is new to the industry or has a few years of experience, Bubblegum Casting is here to help them move further. 

About Bubblegum Casting: Bubblegum Casting is a Melbourne and Sydney-based Modelling Agency helping children find gigs for modelling and acting gigs. If you’re based in either city and you want to help your child get their foot into the door, we’re happy to help. You can reach out to us via our website or by giving us a ring.

Contact Info:

Contact Name: Adam Jacobs
Business Name: Bubblegum Casting
Address: 202/15-87 Gladstone Street South Melbourne
Phone: 1-800 491 828
Website: https://www.bubblegumcasting.com.au/