Alanco-Alamatic is not a British manufacturing company in decline or denial 


Manchester, UK, 12 November 2020 – Alanco-Alamatic is not a British manufacturing company in decline or denial: in fact, the UK based business, producing high-quality industrial braking systems for over half a century, has found itself increasingly sought after globally despite the uncertainties that Brexit brings, with recent orders placed from countries as diverse as Germany, France, Italy, Indonesia, USA & Belgium.

Working successfully with a wide range of international industries since 1966, Alanco provides bespoke industrial disc brakes, high-quality products and systems design, solution-focused investigation, on-site repair and spare parts supply.

Launched in the same year as England Football Team’s one and only victory in the World Cup, Alanco-Alamatic have stood their ground ever since as a reliable stalwart in the industrial disc brake division of the world manufacturing league; despite an increasingly competitive field and decreasing levels of support due to political belief in the importance of services over industry, coupled with Thatcherite faith in free-market economics.

Now, just as all sectors attempt to recover from the slump caused by Covid-19, Brexit is seen as potentially having significant adverse effects on UK manufacturers that are highly integrated with the EU single market, according to a recent report (Manufacturing and Brexit)

Whether it is ‘deal or no deal’ – in an increasingly likely scenario of a no-trade deal between the EU and the UK – Alanco-Alamatic fully intend to further build on their successful formula and well respected international reputation of “British made, global reach, proven products”.

“Irrespective of the outcome of trade talks between the UK and Europe, our outlook remains positive as we continue to provide high-quality products to a global market.”
– Nigel Breeze, Director

About the company: Alanco Alamatic, a British-owned company based in Manchester, UK have manufactured and supplied industrial disc brakes, industrial brake discs, safety chucks and tension control equipment for 54 years. They have consistently provided the highest level of service to a wide range of global clients throughout a wide range of industries for over half a century.

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