Our Proven Process:  Continuous Flow and STT Reactor™


Kannapolis, NC, December 11, 2023— The continuous flow process allows materials to seamlessly move through linked reactors, as the output from one step flows into the input of the next. As materials mix in the reactor, components can be repeatedly added without disrupting the sustained production of a high-quality final product. This versatile, reliable, and scalable design allows for large quantities of products to be produced in small spaces and in rapid time. The STT Reactor is composed of a center cylinder that sits snugly in an outer tube, much like a pen and its cap. As materials continuously flow through a small fluid gap between the cylinder and the outer tube, the cylinder rapidly spins. This increases mass and heat transfer and allows the chemicals to mix incredibly efficiently, resulting in greater active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) quality and purity. The heightened efficiency of the reactor allows Bright Path’s scientists to circumvent the inclusion of harmful additives that are commonplace in many batch approaches.

A Greener, Cleaner, & Faster Approach

Bright Path Labs has pioneered a sustainable approach to pharmaceutical manufacturing by using green chemistry techniques to reduce waste, decrease process steps, and avoid the inclusion of toxic additives. 

Our proprietary continuous flow technology allows BPL to efficiently and cost-effectively produce the medicines needed by the American public. This unique approach minimizes the impact on human health by increasing the safety, quality, and purity of our medicines. 

  • We carefully design our chemical pathways to use only essential materials
  • We implement rigorous process intensification to reduce steps
  • We proactively avoid the inclusion of dangerous additives
  • We always mitigate the generation of excess waste

Supply Chain Crisis in America

Our nation’s over-dependence on foreign pharmaceutical production has left America vulnerable. The Covid-19 pandemic revealed that the U.S. is dangerously exposed to supply chain disruptions. Our limited domestic manufacturing capabilities of lifesaving medicines is a serious and imminent national security risk.

80% of America’s active pharmaceutical ingredients are sourced from overseas suppliers.

90% of global active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers are based in India and China.

Drug shortages, rising costs, and unsafe products have jeopardized America’s access to lifesaving medicines.

Fortunately, Bright Path Labs’ patented technology can shift pharmaceutical manufacturing back to the United States right now. Bright Path has the capability to develop and produce a range of products from KSMs and APIs for basic essential medicines to targeted chemotherapy treatments. Our commitment to the environment and American health extends far beyond the molecular level.

Who We Are:

Bright Path Laboratories is an American advanced manufacturing company leveraging AI-enabled continuous flow technology and sustainable green chemistry to develop and domestically manufacture pharmaceutical products. Committed to changing the way American medicine is sourced and manufactured, Bright Path’s network of advanced manufacturing facilities is based entirely in the United States, using a patented Spinning-Tube-in-Tube (STT) Reactor™ and continuous flow platform to produce large quantities of medicine in less time and at less cost, while maintaining a higher quality than the competition.

Media Contact:

Jennifer Burgess

Bright Path Laboratories

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