The small family-based business, located in Sherwood, Oregon: Bound For Truth, offers handmade/made-to-order bible covers made from the best USA sourced and tanned English Bridle Leather that will fit your Bible’s exact measurements. For more information on their top-quality products, visit


Sherwood, OR, Aug 23, 2021 – In our contemporary world, it’s easy to find multiple options available when looking for a bible: from different sizes to affordable prices, sometimes this variety of offers makes us take our Bibles for granted. But we shall not forget that our Bibles can be a symbol of our respect for God’s word and our relationship with him, so the way you protect your Bible can be a way to show value and caring for his word. When it comes to buying a bible cover it’s hard to find the right fit, but worry no more: Bound For Truth offers custom-fitted and top-quality Leather Bible Covers that will give you that extra protection whether you take it to church, a trip, or your bible studies. Made from the best USA sourced and tanned English Bridle Leather, this leather is treated with a wax base finish for maximum weather-resistant properties, the same grade used on high-end saddle products.

Whether it is a single snap closure or a cobra buckle, Bound for Truth’s Custom Bible Covers designs provide long-lasting protection with the made-to-fit construction keeping a tight closure when not in use. You can always expect a classical look and feel by getting the wax English Bridle leather.

If you decide on having your bible cover personalized, you’ll be able to choose from several Personalized Bible Covers options found on Bound for Truth’s website. From displaying an inspiring message that offers an enriching touch to getting a saying that speaks to your heart or even a design that resonates with your personality: you’ll have the chance of creating a cover that you will cherish through time. Create a personal artwork that is embossed directly on your bible cover. Trust it is not laser engraving, letter stamping, or printing, but a real embossing service that presses your text, logo, images, or designs into high-quality English Bridle leather.

And since quality and time are not against each other, their production time for custom orders is typically 3-5 business days, and all their bible covers are shipped USPS priority mail. As well, if it suits you better, you can find their products at Etsy, and don’t forget to check their other products such as leather bookmarkers, journal covers, and leather wallets. Just expect top craftsmanship products that will be long-lasting from this small family-based business located in Sherwood, Oregon.

So if you are ready to custom fit your Bible cover with the best USA sourced and tanned English Bridle Leather, visit and learn more about their products made to last a lifetime!

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Name: Nate DeHart
Organization: Bound For Truth
Address: Sherwood, Oregon, 97140
Phone: 707-969-7140‬