Durban, South Africa, 7 July 2022 —The Weblab is an online marketing agency that helps small and medium-sized service-based businesses grow through the following proven online marketing strategies:

Google Advertising Agency

Explode your sales fast. PPC (pay per click) campaigns are a great way to reach ‘ready to buy’ clients who are busy hunting the internet for your services and products. These potential clients are RED HOT and ready to buy. If PPC platforms are not part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing out on competing for these clients.

Keep the focus on profits. Have you previously run Google Ads, and though they don’t work for your business? Maybe you tried running them by yourself with limited knowledge and just burned through your budgets like crazy with little to no sales or leads?

The Weblab focuses on building your campaigns around profitability rather than the number of clicks. This strategy is based on standing out in the crowded ads space and converting browsers into leads and sales through optimized landing pages.

Almost all online marketing agencies keep your information in the dark. You will constantly be guessing and wondering where the value of what you are paying with your hard-earned money is. The Weblab doesn’t like doing business like this! They take the time to educate and implement strategies to make your PPC campaigns profitable. 

The biggest issue is having dull ads that don’t get people excited to click on them, or worse, fade into the background with all the other ads. The Weblab’s strategy is to shock people awake, to take action, click on the ads and then send them to a landing page designed to convert them into leads and sales, with highly sculpted copy that addresses their pains, needs and wants.

All this while keeping an eye on the data reporting to you and ensuring your site is profitable. 

SEO Agency

Rankings and traffic are great! But if that traffic is not converting into cold hard cash for your business, you are burning your money, and that’s why they only focus on the profit you make from advertising strategies. The Weblab team will help you measure your success effectively.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Focusing on one avenue of traffic is not a great long-term strategy. The Weblab’s strategy will cover more than SEO rankings to get a flood of ready-to-buy customers banging on your door. Google’s constant updating and changes could affect your rankings and ultimately dry up your leads. So they will focus on a more robust long-term approach.

Dominate your competition! The success of any online marketing campaign, especially SEO, depends on how competitive your market is. They will analyze your competition with a fine-tooth comb, find their weaknesses and exploit them to smash them and dominate your online market.

Website Design

Get fast-loading, mobile-friendly web design to convert visitors into hungry buyers! Do you want a website that does not only look pretty but one that is functional in its design and layout, with strategic thinking behind its copy to convert browsers into a flood of eager-to-buy prospects?

What is the point in having a website that does not do just that? The Weblab does more than just design pretty, functional websites. They want to help business owners like you who are ready to try something different and get the desired results.

If you are a business owner tired of not getting the results you want, then book a free consultation with us today, so we can help you convert your website from a limp vegetable into your business’s most significant asset!

Contact Info:

Name: Scott Wentworth
Organization: The Weblab
Address: 2 Ncondo Place, Ridgeside, Umhlanga Ridge, 4320
Phone: +27 31 830 5056