Deep Coral Agency is an SEO company in South Africa that creates modern, professional and user-friendly websites and landing pages. In less than 30 days, they work with small and medium-sized businesses to create unique branded content for their distinct audience. They offer two unique services, website design, and SEO packages. The end goal, authentic views and first-page rankings on Google. A full list of Deep Coral’s services is listed at  


Johannesburg, South Africa, 24 February 2020–  Deep Coral Agency is a specialized web design company, helping SME’s create optimized landing pages and websites. Their web design team creates customizable web pages that help businesses build online engagement and presence. They offer modern, professional and user-friendly designs, optimized across multiple platforms. The packages are built to increase conversions, no matter the niche while remaining true to the business’ brand. Website packages are affordable with Deep Coral, as are their built-in, easy to manage blogs. Designed to complement marketing and boost social media engagement, the blogs are an effortless way to grow an audience organically. 

A unique offering from Deep Coral is its pay-per-results SEO packages. Their UX designers are experts in South African SEO. “Our South African web designers ensure a strong SEO foundation, which means your website can rank on the first page of Google and start appearing more frequently in search results.” After an easy audit, design specialists work to create a page that represents their client’s unique brand messaging. They believe in the intangible vision. Deep Coral’s team takes pride in understanding their client’s identity and creating websites that reflect a business’ culture and distinct audience. It’s why they research the present market and design the most efficient way to reach a targeted audience, niche keywords, essential for any marketing strategy. They strive to optimize online content with proven strategies for first page results on Google. “Deep coral has been such a pleasure to work within so many aspects! The leads and growth they have brought into my company have been more than I can imagine. They have been so efficient I could not recommend a better company.” (Brenton Conway, Google Reviews)  

Included in their packaging is an effortless, stress-free process. One that includes a 15-day turnaround from start to finish. They’ve covered all the bases, including integrating the company’s website with Google products and social media. Visit Deep Coral Agency for the full range of services and packages offered. 

About Deep Coral Agency: Deep Coral Agency is a specialist agency in South Africa that focuses on website design and SEO to help businesses rank their website on page one of Google to increase conversion rates. With experienced UX designers and SEO experts, they focus on helping businesses reach their goals and increasing their profitability. From large corporates to start-up e-commerce stores, Cape Town to the United Kingdom, they’ve helped businesses in every industry (almost) design and develop digital experiences for their users. 

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