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If you’re like us you probably are counting down the days to your next vacation. You know exactly how many days, hours, and minutes you have until your feet will hit the ground and your troubles will disappear.

But booking a vacation is a hassle in itself. You have to figure out the flights, hotel, rental car, and activities you want to pre-book. American Airlines Vacations has taken all the hassle out of booking your next vacation.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about booking your next vacation with American Airlines Vacations so you can make booking your trip just as stress-free as your actual vacation.

American Airlines Vacations

There are so many options when it comes to booking vacations these days. Why should you book with American Airlines? There are some real benefits to booking your entire vacation package with American Airlines Vacations.

First, booking a trip with American Airlines can help you save money. When you are going on vacation you already know you are going to spend some cash. You probably have a vacation savings fund set up for this purpose.

But when you book with American Airlines Vacation instead of a travel agency, you can save some serious money on your vacation. How can they do this? Because American Airlines offers packages and gives you a discount when you select a vacation package.

American Airlines will give you access to unpublished prices when you book together on their site. This is a great way to keep costs down when traveling with family.

Earn American Airlines Miles

Another great benefit of booking your vacation stay with American Airlines Vacations is that you can earn AA miles with the purchase of your vacation package. Points add up quickly and can be used for your next vacation.

  • 1,000 AAdvantage award miles for purchasing your vacation package
  • 30,000 bonus AAdvantage miles for booking a hotel that is featured

Book using your AAdvantage number to receive your miles and bonus miles when booking your vacation package. Even if you don’t select a featured hotel you still receive 1,000 miles.

However, if you are using your miles to pay for your vacation or part of your vacation you cannot earn additional miles. Check your options before booking and choose the right deal for your vacation.

Make Payments on Your Next Vacation

Don’t have enough funds in your vacation savings account to pay for your dream vacation? That’s okay! American Airlines Vacations has an option where you can book your dream vacation now and pay later.

Make payments to American Airlines Vacations via Uplift, a monthly payment service. Uplift can break the total cost of your vacation down into as many as 12 payments, so you can book your dream vacation today. Uplift does charge interest for the service.

Whenever possible it is always best to pay for your vacation using your savings funds. Make a savings plan to save up for your dream vacation throughout the year. That way you don’t get charged the extra interest.

Use AAdvantage Miles

We mentioned this a little bit before. You can also pay for your vacation by using AAdvantage miles. Use some or all of your miles to help offset the cost of your vacation. Every mile you have earned with American Airlines equals one cent towards your vacation.

Unfortunately, all of the miles have to come from one American Airlines account. You cannot pool accounts with a friend or traveling companion.

Log into your American Airlines account to see the total amount of miles you have and to find out how much of a discount you will receive on your vacation.

If you are going to use miles as part of your payment, you must use at least 1,000 miles. When you use AAdvantage miles you will not be eligible to earn miles on the trip. So make sure you use your miles when it is most appropriate.

Amazing Customer Service

When you book your vacation with American Airlines Vacations you will receive amazing customer service from American Airlines. You’ll never wait on hold for hours only to wind up speaking with an operator in a different country.

American Airlines has several call centers located in the United States to help you book your vacation. They also will be able to help you if you experience problems while traveling.

Give them a call on this number for general booking inquiries in the US and Canada.

  • U.S. and Canada: 800-321-2121
  • Outside the U.S. and Canada: 918-669-8977

They are open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10:30 pm CT and 9 am to 6 pm CT on Saturday and Sunday.

If you have an emergency during your vacation use one of the following phone numbers to speak with an American Airlines Vacation associate for help.

  • U.S./Canada/Caribbean: 800-901-9150
  • Mexico: 1-877-809-2766 or 1-800-891-3818
  • Other: 918-669-8977

Planning Your Vacation

These are the amazing benefits you will discover when you book your next vacation with American Airlines Vacations. Ready to book? We’ll walk you through the process.

First, head over to the American Airlines website and click on “plan travel”. Select “vacations” from the drop-down menu. You can book your vacation online at no additional charge.

If you find it easier to have someone book your vacation for you over the phone American Airlines does offer this service but it will cost $35.

Once your computer has loaded the American Airlines Vacations home page you can search for your flight, hotel, and rental car. Enter the destination of your vacation and the dates of travel and hit search.

Breaking Down the Cost of Your Vacation

Some people get confused because there seem to be multiple prices listed beside the vacation. Let us help you break down this information so you can understand the price of your vacation.

  • The first price listed is the price per person.
  • The second price listed shows the total price for everyone who is traveling with.
  • The third price shows the monthly payment price if you decide to make payments on your vacation with Uplift.
  • The last price shown is the dollar amount you will save by booking your vacation as a package deal with American Airlines Vacations.

Listed under the hotel information will also be additional information about the cost of the hotel. There may be additional charges at your selected hotel such as parking or resort fees.

Be sure to add these costs into the total amount for your vacation when you are planning your trip so they won’t be a surprise at the hotel.

The prices that you see listed coincide with your vacation package level. If you choose an upgraded room, airline seat, or an upgraded rental car it will change the level of your vacation package and the price will increase.

American Airlines Vacations will show you multiple options and the price for each option. If the option says $0.00 that means it’s included in your vacation package at no additional cost.

After you select the first part of your package (the flight, hotel, or car) American Airlines will guide you through the other options until you have completed all the selections for your vacation package.

Booking Activities

You can also book activities to do on your vacation with American Airlines Vacations. American Airlines will give you options for activities that you can purchase right before you checkout.

Choose from tours to hot air balloon rides, helicopter tours, and many more options. Whether you like hiking outdoors or staying inside there are additional activities that everyone in your family will love.

Scroll through the activities until you find one that you want to book. The price listed on the activity will be the price per person.

Paying for Your Vacation

After you’ve picked out additional activities you can pay for your vacation. American Airlines Vacations makes it easy to pay for your entire package altogether.

After you’ve made all of your package selections click continue to head over to the payment section of the website. The price you are paying on American Airlines Vacations includes all fees and taxes. It does not include parking or resort fees at your hotel.

These additional fees will be paid when you check into your hotel. If you have a promo code you can enter it on this screen before you continue.

You will also be asked if you want to purchase travelers insurance for your trip. You can pay for your vacation with any of the following methods.

  • Credit card
  • American Airlines travel voucher
  • American Airlines gift certificate
  • AAdvantage miles
  • Uplift, the monthly payment plan

Book Your Entire Vacation With American Airlines Vacations

It’s never been so easy to book your entire vacation. American Airlines Vacations helps you book your entire vacation package in one spot. You can also save a ton of money when you book directly with American Airlines.

Stop dreaming of your next vacation and start planning today. Contact Kalilei Vacations and let us help you book your American Airlines Vacation today.