If you love pets and the joy that they bring into your life, then Bone & Yarn is there to bring the vision of spreading that joy to others. From advice, news, and cute pictures, they cover everything from the best pet houses to the best dog toothpaste brand. After a three-year hiatus, Bone & Yarn is back to bring you more pet-related content. 


GRAND RAPIDS, MI – June 29, 2020 – Do you love pets and want to have the best source of information that covers anything a pet lover could dream of? Bone & Yarn encompasses all sorts of pet-related information and sure to give you the best resources to learn about your furry friends. 

After a three-year hiatus, Bone & Yarn is back to deliver even more pet-related content. Harrison and Richard founded the website, and they decided to launch Bone & Yarn because they, too, have extraordinary pets in their lives, Ludlow and Rooney. 

When Harrison and Richard both brought their furry friends into their homes, they knew that they would best the best of friends. Harrison’s cat, Ludlow, is an adorable kitty with a knack for adventure. 

When meeting Ludlow, Harrison stated that:

“When we first saw Ludlow in a cage at KittyKind in Union Square, we knew we had to get him!  He was a two-year-old polydactyl cat and was found wandering the streets on the Lower East Side of NYC and had been in a cage waiting to be adopted for almost four months!” 

Ludlow is an extremely energetic cat that loves adventure. 

Co-founder Richard also has a beautiful pug named Rooney. Rooney was the little rut of his litter.

Regarding meeting Rooney, Richard said that: 

“Rooney is a pug I met in New Jersey in 2009. Rooney was the runt of his litter and had a scar on his forehead from getting beaten up by his sister. Others took all his brothers and sisters, and he was the only one left.” 

Rooney is the perfect pug for Richard. Rooney is sweet, energetic, and loves to lick faces. He is playful and the ideal friend for Richard. 

With two happy pet owners, you know that Bone & Yarn is made for the most loyal pet families. If you are looking for pet advice, breed knowledge, or anything regarding your furry family member, Bone & Yarn is there to be your resource. 

There is a community within Bone & Yarn, and you can even share and see other fellow pet owners post pictures and videos of their furry friends being adorable. 

From figuring out what dog food is best, to learning the most recent pet-related news, Bone & Yarn is your resource to all things pet friendly. 

ABOUT BONE & YARN: Founded by pet lovers Harrison and Richard, Bone & Yarn is the pet resource for you and your best pet friend. From the latest in pet news to the best dog food and even articles on breed behaviors, Bone & Yarn is your all-encompassing pet resource. After a three-year hiatus, Bone & Yarn is back to bring you the very best in pet information. Check out their website to learn more. 


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