Bond Real Estate Group is proud to provide Hancock Park homes for sale for clients throughout the Los Angeles area.


Los Angeles, CA, July 13, 2021 – Bond Real Estate Group is excited to launch its new website for all your Hancock Park real estate needs.

Bond Real Estate Group, a Hancock Park realtor, is proud to provide homes for sale for clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

According to Angela Bond of Bond Real Estate Group: “Some of my earliest memories are of watching my Grandfather build his house. We’d arrive for our Summer vacation and he’d be up on the roof installing tile or just “adding on” another bedroom. When he visited our house he’d always find some project to tackle and I loved nothing more than being his unofficial helper. He taught me about respecting a house and its story and making the most of what you’ve got.”

Bond Real Estate Group provides a wide variety of Hancock Park homes for sale to customers in the  Los Angeles area. To learn more about Bond Real Estate Group, please visit their website at

Bond continues to state that, “even when he wasn’t around I was fascinated with houses and the history that surrounded them. My mother still remembers coming home to discover that I had ripped up the entire hallway carpet to reveal the Victorian tiled floor underneath…I was eight years old at the time. She promptly replaced the carpet, but I made sure the new owners knew about the beautiful hidden tile a few years later when we sold the house.”

Bond also shares that, “Along the way, I’ve helped hundreds of clients and I’ve always thrown myself into each transaction as if it’s my own. It’s a wonderful thing to work with someone and then see them get married, have kids and start a whole new chapter of their lives. I really love being a part of someone’s story, knowing that the help I give them has a positive impact on their lives.”

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About Bond Real Estate Group: Bond Real Estate Group is a Hancock Park realtor that is based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Official Disclaimer: “As a Realtor, in the Los Angeles area, I understand that whether you’re buying or selling, this isn’t just about finding you the right home or buyer…it’s about getting you there as smoothly as possible. As a transplant, I am very familiar with the stresses and concerns of moving to Los Angeles and setting up base. If you work with me, I’ll make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way.”

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Phone: 310-666-5052