Boise addiction

There’s no such thing as a miracle cure for addiction. Whatever your age, history, or substance of choice, recovery is about choosing the right addiction treatment programs and sticking with them. Fortunately, at Zelus Recovery, there are various treatment programs to choose from. Teens and young adults, as well as their families, can find the program that works best for their health and their lifestyle.


Sometimes, the best way to treat an addiction is by stopping it before it starts. This is the goal of an early intervention program. When teens and young adults start using drugs or alcohol, sobriety may be more difficult. In this important developmental stage, catching addictive behavior early is crucial.

It’s easy for many parents to recognize their teens or preteens are abusing drugs or alcohol. Their son or daughter might let their grades slip, display physical signs of substance abuse, or exhibit major behavioral and personality changes. If parents or loved ones pick up on these signs, early intervention can help.

Intervening while the problem is still substance abuse, rather than addiction, could save your loved one’s life. At this relatively early stage, it’s much easier to halt substance abuse in its tracks. Above all, prioritizing taking action early decreases the chances of addiction development.


Since every patient is unique, flexible addiction treatment is ideal. Outpatient rehab programs are less intensive but still include weekly sessions.

Additionally, outpatient addiction treatment programs may be ideal for teens or young adults who have trouble maintaining sobriety. Initially, they may struggle with substance abuse, but, ultimately, end up going through detox with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

Furthermore, outpatient programs may include individual, group and family therapy sessions. Above all, they create stability and address any new issues before they develop further and become overwhelming.


Overall, an intensive outpatient program is similar to an outpatient program. However, intensive outpatient programs tend to include three or four weekly sessions. Often, this is the best way to seek professional addiction treatment without disrupting school or work schedules.

Intensive outpatient programs are ideal for teens who are still in school or enrolled in college classes. Often, services are available after school, on weekends, and in the evening. This allows patients and family members to adhere to their schedule while supplementing it with necessary therapy and counseling.


During substance abuse programs, family involvement is vital. This is especially important when teens and young adults are struggling with addiction. Above all, family programs are a great way for caregivers to learn more about their child’s recovery.


At Zelus Recovery, young patients have access to various addiction treatment programs and therapies. Ultimately, the goal isn’t to graduate from a rehab program but to gain the necessary skills for lifelong sobriety. This means implementing diverse, comprehensive treatment methods including:

Individual therapy

Thorough intake assessment

Dual diagnosis treatment

Long-term support plans

Family-focused program

Zelus Recovery specializes in treating young men and women age 25 and under from Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and Nampa, Idaho

For teens and young adults, the right addiction treatment programs aren’t always easy to find. If you’re in or near Boise, Idaho, take advantage of the resources and programs available at Zelus Recovery. Call 208.518.0797 to learn more about how to permanently break free from addiction.