Blue Tie SEO, a web site design and digital marketing agency based in Greenville, South Carolina, has developed a new program, Speed to Leads, which is specifically geared toward helping companies active in the air duct cleaning industry generate leads and then convert those leads into paying clients.

Greenville, SC, March 5, 2020 – What would an extra hundred thousand dollars a year do for the health of your company? If your company happens to be in the air duct cleaning business, Blue Tie SEO has a new Speed to Leads program that is specially geared toward the air duct cleaning industry. The new program can help you to quickly generate the sort of air duct cleaning leads that will help put your business on an increased growth trajectory.

Blue Tie SEO is a web design and digital marketing agency with particular expertise in helping local businesses grow. With a dedicated team of marketing consultants who take a practical, no-nonsense approach to local business marketing, and a web design strategy that capitalizes on this marketing know-how, Blue Tie SEO prides itself on helping local businesses generate leads.

The new Speed to Leads program takes this expertise and focuses it squarely on the air duct cleaning industry, using data-driven strategies and proven approaches to marketing and lead generation. 

For example, did you know that if you respond to a potential client’s inquiry in five minutes or less, you will complete the sale 78% of the time? That’s right. Seventy-eight percent of customers go with the first company that calls them back. And did you know that if you wait even one hour, you are ten times less likely to make the sale? Contacting the customer within five minutes results in a seventy percent increase in your chances of success. And yet today, most air duct cleaning businesses take an average of five days to respond to customer inquiries.

In the race for clients, generating leads is easy. Converting leads into paying clients is where the true test begins. Blue Tie SEO has run the numbers and has developed proven strategies not only for generating leads for your air duct cleaning business, but also for converting leads into clients.

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Blue Tie ranks among the best, top-rated local SEO companies in upstate South Carolina. As local SEO experts, they have a team of digital marketing specialists ready to work for you, with years of experience in locally-focused web design, local SEO services including expertise implementing local Google Maps features, and lead nurturing and automation, which ensures that your business gets found, and responds to inquiries first.

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About the Company: is a dedicated group of SEO experts. Specializing in local SEO best practices that last from one Google algorithm update to the next. We are a boutique agency that works with a limited number of clients at any given time. We look forward to speaking with you.

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