If you are an American homeowner and want to upgrade to solar technology, then look no further than Blue Raven Solar. Recognized by Utah Business Magazine, we provide the best and most affordable options for American homeowners to make the smooth transition to solar technology. 


Orem, Utah, April 24, 2020 – As solar technology rises in popularity and provides a great alternative to our standard use of electricity, Americans across the country want to make the switch to solar technology. Blue Raven Solar, headquartered in Utah, is providing homes across the country with the ability to transition to solar technology.

If you have not yet been sold on the idea of solar technology, there are several reasons to make the switch. The first benefit is solar savings. It is more costly to continue using electricity to power our homes and our utilities. By utilizing the technology provided by solar energy, we save tremendously.

In fact, the cost of solar energy continues to become more affordable. As The Climate Reality Project puts it, “Solar is a technology, not a fuel. And as technology develops, it becomes cheaper – unlike finite fossil fuels.” 

At Blue Raven Solar, we encourage our clientele to learn about solar energy before signing up for our services. We are confident that after learning about the importance and benefits of energy conservation you will want to implement solar panels and get the most out of solar technology in your home.

We offer free installation costs and no charges for the first eighteen months of service. This trial will give you an idea of how beneficial solar energy is and how much you can save in costs. On average, our customers save from a range of $20K to $80K in electricity bills over a span of two decades.

Blue Raven Solar has grown from a small team of three employees to over a thousand in a span of only five years. In this short time, we have become one of the country’s top solar technology providers. Blue Raven Solar was recognized by prestigious Utah Business Magazine with its Green Business Award for our conservation efforts.

As our CEO, Ben Peterson puts it, “We are a company you can trust. And when it comes to your home, you only want to partner with people you can trust.”

In addition to our high-quality products, we provide reliable customer service and are here to help you in your transition. After making your transition, Blue Raven Solar will continue to make itself available to assist its clientele.

About Blue Raven Solar: Blue Raven Solar is on a mission to bring solar energy to American homeowners. We want to make sure our country is prepared for sustainable energy. It starts in the home and we are providing affordable options for Americans to get the most out of solar technology.

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