Blue People, located in Houston, TX, is ready to make your business’s staff augmentation process much less complicated by offering proven professional software developers with high logic and amazing problem-solving skills.


Houston, TX, August 22, 2022 —Have you been searching for the best nearshore development company to help make staff augmentation less complicated? Look no further than Blue People. Blue People is filling the growing demand for expert software developers. Staff augmentation has never been simpler than with Blue People on your side. They solely offer only proven professional software developers with high logic and amazing problem-solving skills.

Are you wondering, what exactly is nearshoring software development? Simply put, nearshore development outsourcing means delegating tasks such as business processes and software development, to businesses in neighboring countries to gain more control over operational expenditures. It serves as a model of cooperation between a customer and a software developing team or organization located in nearby countries that have little to no time-zone difference. This helps to ensure lower rates for the same quality of work. 

Maybe you aren’t familiar with the advantages offered by working with a reliable nearshore development company such as Blue People. They have found that as businesses launch new digital offerings and are moving to the cloud, the need for an expert software engineer or IT professionals is rapidly growing in demand. A recent poll of 14,000 tech recruiters and software developers found that nearly half of employers today are finding it extremely challenging to locate skilled candidates. The shortage is anticipated to hit companies even harder this year! Research has suggested that employers are attempting to fill these gaps by hiring contractors and freelancers and that as many as 42% of recruiters have recently claimed to rely solely on outsourcing workers. Adopting remote work can provide developers with many more options since 66% of software developers have now joined the remote workforce.

Nearly all businesses will at some point outsource IT functions and there are major benefits to this:

  • Money savings– most nearshore development companies work with different price points than those of onshore development teams
  • Instant Access to Top-Rated Talent– Only the best talent from around the world is hired. At Blue People, the tech talent must go through a rigorous selection process
  • Proximity Time-Zone Advantages– Outsourcing software development nearshore enables them to react quickly since their working hours are similar to yours. This results in better communications and increased productivity
  • Reduced Technical Risks– Industry and technology involved offers minimal downtime and faster problem-solving for every project
  • Minimized Launch Times– Helps with overcoming workforce fluctuations and delivers quicker results due to expert distributed development teams who are the best in their field 

Blue People follows three simple steps to hire amazing software developers:

Step 1: Identify your talent needs by digging deep into your company culture, objectives, and technical requirements in order to fully understand what type of developer will best suit your needs

Step 2: Interview expert developers via online appointments

Step 3: Expand your workforce with the perfect developers fully equipped with the latest cutting-edge tools

Stop wasting time searching for recruits and allow Blue People to fill the gap between the demand and supply for talented software developers. Your business will thank you! 

About Blue People: Blue People is a nearshore software development company working efficiently to uncomplicate your business staff augmentation by recruiting professional software developers with high logic and amazing problem-solving skills.

Contact Information:

Name: Albert Pimental
Organization: Blue People
Address: 4201 Main St Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77002
Phone Number: 713-930-3965