Blue People brings nearshore software development solutions to Houston by providing proven and professional software developers with high logic and great problem-solving skills. Founded in 2015 in Mexico, the company has expanded to Houston and seeks to fill the gap between demand and supply for talented software developers.


Houston, TX, July 21, 2022— As businesses expand their potential through technological advances, the demand for expert software developers continues to rise. Unfortunately, business owners are facing a shortage of skilled professionals, resorting to hiring freelancers and remote workers. Blue People has made it easier for companies to find talented software developers by doing the hard work on their behalf.

The company started in 2015 in Mexico, connecting top talent with companies to help them meet their business needs. It has expanded to Houston, Texas, bringing innovative and reactive software engineers that meet the needs of local businesses. Blue People has the answers for any client looking for a Houston software company, from small businesses and large corporations to anything in between.

“Blue People uncomplicated staff augmentation by only offering proven professional software developers with high logic and amazing problem-solving skills,” said Alberto Pimental, Director of Sales Marketing at Blue People.

Through a three-step process, Blue People will source the best talent for any business need. Experts undergo a rigorous vetting process to guarantee only the top talent is availed to companies. This strictness ensures businesses don’t spend their time and resources on software developers without the necessary skills.

“Our talent acquisition team will dig deep into your company culture, objectives, and technical requirements to fully understand the type of developer that would best suit your needs. We will then interview high logic developers for your approval. After finding the perfect fit for your business needs the developer joins your workforce with the latest cutting-edge tools,” he explained.

Nearshore software development helps businesses looking for a software development company Houston find suitable talent nearby. Blue People’s parent company in Mexico partners with Houston’s software development services team to conveniently offer the same high-value services to local businesses.

Blue People takes pride in hiring only the best top 5% of software developers to benefit the clients. These top experts have mastered their craft to implement speed and value into companies’ needs. Those looking for a Houston software development provider can save money and time by outsourcing the best nearshore software developers.

The company’s intelligent engineers design well and embrace custom software development for each client individually. They also believe every business is unique and should have software that truly meets its needs.

About Blue People:

Blue People is a software development consulting services firm helping businesses simplify employee base needs worldwide. It achieves this by providing businesses with certified professional software developers with the highest level of holistic approach and problem-solving skills. By combining exceptional talent, real-time interaction, and the nearest geographical presence, the company offers the perfect solution for businesses with technology needs.

Contact Information:

Name: Alberto Pimental
Organization: Blue People
Address: 4201 Main St Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77002
Phone Number: 713-930-3965