Since 2009, BloqUV has emerged as a lead brand in the sun protection clothes business. Entirely funded by women, their products are unique in design, fit, and sun protection technology. 


Miami FL, May 17th, 2022 — Since being established in 2009, BloqUV has emerged as a lead brand in the sun protection clothes business. Entirely owned by women, their products are unique in design, fit, and sun protection technology. 

BloqUV products are moisture-wicking and quick-dry, allowing for a wide range of uses on land and water. The company’s ultimate mission is to educate customers on the sun’s damaging effects each year due to the constant growth of UV rays in outdoor activities. All the fabric and garments go through UV testing in a lab. This led BloqUV to earn the Seal of Recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation. For nearly 40 years Skin Cancer Foundation has been recognized worldwide by consumers, media, and the medical community as a trusted symbol of safe and effective sun protection. “We are excited to receive Seal during Melanoma Awareness month and our annual educational BloqIT with BloqUV campaign,” says Corina Biton, Founder and President. Our fabric protects you from 98% of the sun’s harsh rays- helping prevent cancer all day every day, and are not dipped in UV chemicals, so the UV protection does not wash away.

BloqUV is the perfect sunscreen for all kinds of outdoor activities. Every piece is carefully designed to be lightweight, multifunctional, and multi-sport. Swimming, fishing, boating, biking, soccer, t-ball, football, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and playgrounds are just some of the well-suited uses for BloqUV clothes. Our BloqTek fabric is soft, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, long-lasting, and cools down 5 degrees when wet. The same top used for tennis can then be used for swimming.

Among their top-quality products, you’ll be able to find:

Accessories for everyone: BloqUV accessories offer flexibility and portability to add 50+ UPF sun protection wherever needed at a moment’s notice, such as their oversized UPF 50 + bandana protects the head, ears, nose, mouth, and neck, and it can also be folded and used as a decorative headband or neck scarf to coordinate with other BloqUV pieces. And their multifunctional SPF blanket, which is perfect as a quick body wrap, shawl, sarong, swim wrap, beach scarf, baby wrap, or baby stroller cover. Keep it in the car for driving or bring it to your favorite spectator sports for head/shoulder/back or leg sun protection.

Men’s Long Sleeve Sun Shirts: BloqUV was built on creating high-performance sun protective clothing for the athletic, leisure, and travel lifestyle. The products are designed for active, modern adult men of all ages who want to look their best while remaining safe from the sun’s harmful rays on land or water; that’s why their sunproof long sleeve sun shirts for men are now available in a rainbow of colors.

Women’s UPF Clothing: Choose BloqUV for golf, tennis, swimming, biking, boating, fishing, paddle boarding, running, walking, horseback riding, gardening, sightseeing, weekend wear, and business casual. BloqUV fabric keeps you cool and delivers UPF 50+.

Kids and Toddlers UPF Shirts: Studies show sunburn in childhood increases the risk of developing skin cancer and melanoma significantly in adults. However, most kids don’t enjoy being slathered in sunscreen, so you can say bye-bye to the long battles when they wear BloqUV UPF 50+ clothing. 

Creating the BloqUV line has been a labor of love. Whether this is your first BloqUV purchase or an addition to your collection, trust you’re wearing the very best in sun protection apparel. You can find the products in over 1000 stores distributed around the U.S, Puerto Rico, Caribbean and Mexico.

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Contact Info:

Organization: BloqUV
Address: 1803 NE 146th Street North Miami, FL 3318
Phone: (866) 611-2567