Broadbeach, Queensland, 30 April 2020 – 72% of small business owners feel overwhelmed, according to a survey by the management consultancy firm The Alternative Board. Entrepreneurs and small business owners often have to do everything themselves, 64% of business owners feel that they need to delegate more responsibilities, while 38% struggle with poor time management.

Many small businesses aren’t designed with scalability in mind. An entrepreneur or small business owner may have an innovative idea that could revolutionize their industry. They might not know where to focus investment in the business in order to gain the best return in the short term or the cost in time and capital to identify that is beyond reach. This roadblock holds back small to medium enterprises from implementing those ideas and becoming the next Fortune 500 organization.
Blirt is here to help small- and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs stay focused and master your priorities with Brand Anatomy, a new strategy accelerator to help business leaders focus on what’s important. Brand Anatomy is a new business coaching service from Blirt, designed to help business leaders reduce the learning curve and accelerate their sales, marketing, and customer experience.

Brand Anatomy gives you all the tools you need to streamline your business scale-up journey. You’ll transform these lessons into actionable insights via the Brand Anatomy Maturity Assessment. The Brand Anatomy Maturity Assessment reviews over 200 data points across your organization and finds the areas where a business needs to focus. They also help business owners identify obstacles that are preventing their growth and realizing their ultimate potential.
About Brand Anatomy

Brand Anatomy is for brand owners who are serious about success. It’s designed to help you focus on your brand strengths while identifying and remove the roadblocks to skills and systems so you can scale a team to success. Combining the latest scientific innovations around creativity, technology, and leadership, Brand Anatomy is the accelerator to support your next phase of growth.
Brand Anatomy will help you gain clarity. Then you’ll be given the tools to align your team around your particular business goals. These insights are then made scalable with Brand Anatomy Playbooks. If you’ve been looking for marketing courses to help your brand flourish in today’s quickly-shifting business world, you’ve found what you’re looking for.
About Blirt

Blirt is a brand consultant agency based out of Broadbeach, Australia. Blirt is the brainchild of Stuart Leo, a business consultant and brand leader with over 20 years of experience in brand consultancy, advertising, and marketing. Blirt has seen it all and done it all. Decades of experience allow Blirt to find patterns in the chaos, to make sense out of disorder, and use that clarity to help you and your business establish yourself in your industry and give you an advantage over your competition.
Using Blirt’s Brand Anatomy Playbooks, you’ll be given all of the tools to cultivate a robust strategy. You’ll learn how to optimize your sales and marketing channels while creating a thorough, actionable brand strategy. Blirt uses their decades of industry experience to help you reach your goals, using an agile and bespoke strategy for your particular business needs and goals.

To learn more about Brand Anatomy or to schedule a consultation, please contact:
Stuart Leo
4 Miami Key
Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia
Office: 1300 859 323