At Blacksmith Blades, they support professional hairdressers everywhere by providing industry-leading, quality products at a fraction of the cost that others charge. If you think their quality doesn’t meet or beat the competition, take advantage of their 60-day money-back guarantee.


Lewisville, TX, September 30, 2022 — People in the cosmetology industry know that hairdressers and educators face many challenges throughout their careers. Luckily, Blacksmith Blades was created exclusively to support hairdressers.

Blacksmith Blades is helping hundreds of hairdressers worldwide by supporting educators and academies with high-quality tools that will encourage their students to reach their maximum potential. By making the tools available at prices that can fit within limited budgets, the hairdressers can then go out and begin successful careers. They are proud to provide industry-leading quality products at a fraction of the cost that others charge. If you think their quality doesn’t meet or beat the competitors, they dare you to try with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Among Blacksmith Blades’s top-quality services, customers will be able to find:

Customized hairdressing shears: Create custom shear kits for your school or organization, or even have custom sets made for your stylists so your brand can be represented in every way, all the time. You can even just create a shear kit for yourself, as there are no minimum purchasing requirements.

Salon academy kits: They understand the difficulties in completing the task of assembling kits for students within their allotted budget. Blacksmith Blades wants the tools they provide to bring out the potential in your students, but more importantly, they want to be able to provide these tools at a cost that can be customized to fit well within anyone’s budget.

Shear Sharpening: Their shear sharpening service is specifically designed for hairdressers for the servicing and regular maintenance of their hairdressing shears. They have specialized machines and highly trained master shear sharpeners that have years of experience in providing hairdressers with the edge they need to provide a consistently high-quality service to their customers.

About Blacksmith Blades:

At Blacksmith Blades, we specialize in designing and creating one-of-a-kind Shears. In addition, we provide services to develop entire product lines for direct sale by professional salons and cosmetology schools. The quality you feel in our blades comes from years of designing, engineering, and our proprietary manufacturing process that can be applied to any of these different designs and customized to your specifications in every way. We put a lot of retail lines together for different companies like yours to be able to capitalize on having their very own retail line to sell to graduates and other customers. Specialists are standing by to help you find a design you like.

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Name: Dustin Nichols
Organization: Blacksmith Blades
Address: 1301 Justin Rd. #201156 Lewisville, TX. 75077
Phone: 214-718-8693