helps you ensure your website meets WCAG Website Accessibility criteria, helping to guide website owners in creating websites that are accessible to those with disabilities, and avoiding fines and penalties under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Beverly Hills, CA, April 3, 2020 – The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one of America’s most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation. It ensures that commercial and public entities provide access and accommodation for individuals including those who have from one or more disabilities. However, what you may not know is that under the legislation, your company or organization can be fined if its website does not comply with the ADA’s provisions., a website consulting firm, are ADA WCAG website accessibility experts. They specialize in helping companies, government agencies, and other organizations ensure their online presence is compliant with the ADA.

A part of the ADA compliance includes a subsection for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which is designed to make the content of websites more accessible for people with disabilities. ADA compliant web design involves multiple aspects, including perceivability, adaptability, distinguishability, operability, understandability, and robustness. Many website design choices, such as text size, color, and text-to-audio transcriptions affect whether or not a website is ADA compliant.

While some organizations, especially government entities, must comply with all of these aspects, others are subject to only a few. And the penalties for non-compliance can be steep. The fine for a company’s first ADA compliance violation can cost anywhere from $55,000 to $75,000, while a second violation can increase to between $110,000 and $150,000.

And the negative consequences are not only financial. If your website does not adhere to ADA compliant web design, it won’t perform as well on search engine rankings. Not only that, but not incorporating ADA compliance from the beginning means that it could become more difficult to keep up with the changing standards as time goes on and those standards change. When your site incorporates ADA compliance from the beginning it will be easier to follow ADA accessibility standards over time. In short, ensuring ADA compliance means that everyone can access the info and services on your site.

As part of its service, will perform Website Accessibility ADA WCAG Section 508 Audits on your site. Web programmers with specialized knowledge in compliance barriers will look at the code of your current site, examining it for areas that might benefit from compliance improvements. By understanding the website’s goals and the scope of improvements that might be needed, an implementation plan can be developed.

Depending on the specific situation, Website ADA WCAGAccessibility Remediation of compliance barriers could involve anything from full website creation to small changes and improvements, in order to balance the costs and timing with compliance. Recommendations will be provided on how to best manage customer information, and policies developed for future additions. After any changes are made, documentation of the changes and ongoing maintenance and testing is performed.

About the Company: Since 2017, has partnered with compliance specialists, attorneys, business managers, and entrepreneurs to navigate compliance guidelines and regulations in the online environment, inspecting hundreds of websites in the process. Their combined expertise includes a vast portfolio of technical developers whose specialty includes online accessibility compliance guidelines.

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