Author, CEO, Business Developer, Franchise Owner, Bishop Donmaid Brooks introduces a credit solution, debt annihilator, employment opportunity, and much more.


Los Angeles, CA, May 25, 2021 – “Eliminating bad credit can be a nightmare to many. At times it can even seem like an impossible task to undertake. However, through our bold and dynamic company, we make available a system with extensive credit building educational services, that is designed and geared to do what seems impossible. Our greatest goal is to FIX CREDIT SCORES, eliminate debt, and additionally provide twelve credit restoration services that can have a positive impact on your financial future.”

“Anyone seeking to work from home can earn a significant income and be able to help others, including friends and family to get out of debt. Franchise business owners are paid $100 for each enrolled credit restoration client. Our company pays in six different ways including direct commission, residual income, and passive income. Our highly paid affiliates also have access to the credit restoration program as long as they are in this company.

“We understand the hardship, we know the struggles, we’ve all faced unpleasant financial situations at one point. Perhaps that’s what unites us, our struggle to overcome. Most people who first hear about our company don’t quite believe it’s true because it sounds too good to be true. But my newly hired business franchise owner is making 4 times his previous income. Our company is legit and has integrity in all of its’ business practices.

Make Extra Income

“Once our clients look into our Team, they discover what they desperately need and find out its available to them along with many more benefits and services worth thousands of dollars, alone.”

Choose Your Own Hours

“Not long ago I was in very very bad shape financially and I was embittered, which caused an emotional and mental despair and frustration. When I found this amazing team, I discovered a new world of opportunity… and now reaching out to clients means a great deal to me. I know they are getting themselves in a much better situation and a new abundant life, and above all a solid education in their financial matters while helping others.”

“Bankruptcy? What is that? I’m just kidding of course it’s no laughing matter to countless millions of Americans every year. It is a danger that kills the American dream. We however can solve the problem as well as bring abundant returns to the client, it’s easy for us. Please call us to schedule an interview, we will talk you through the steps and process and provide you with all the necessary help to start. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions, this is your life and your financial future. Our team is eagerly awaiting to meet you.”

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