Binalot Fiesta Foods, Inc received a HeroBrand Awards under the Established Hero category. The franchise was recognized for its contributions to the good of society. HeroBrand Awards celebrate those companies and brands that are making who are making the world a better place. For more information, visit


Paranaque City, PH, 11 January 2021- Binalot Fiesta Foods won the Established Hero category of the HeroBrand Awards

The HeroBrand Award is an international award that aims to recognize and publicize companies that are making a difference in their communities. These heroes inspire those around them. They shape local culture and create history. They emotionally elevate those around them.

“Heroes inspire us, they shape our culture and create history,” says a spokesperson for HeroBrand Awards. “Heroes elevate us emotionally. They strengthen us physically. Heroes change the way we see the world. They encourage us to transform ourselves for the better. Heroes give us hope.”

The Established Hero category is for larger corporations who demonstrate a commitment to social good in their communities and beyond. How does Binalot Fiesta Food do this?

“While setting aside funds to help communities is a noble undertaking, it would be better if both the corporation and the community benefit from the Corporate Social Responsibility program,” says Juan Rommel. “Our DAHON (Dangal At Hanapbuhay para sa Nayon) Program, we are proud to say, does just that – an example of how both the community and the company can benefit from the same program.”

Binalot brought back a Filippino classic, an age-old tradition… of wrapping home-cooked foods in banana leaves. The use of banana leaves has helped to improve the communities and everyone within them.

The DAHON program has helped to empower women who now earn 200 pesos per day for cutting the leaves. The elderly have rediscovered a sense of purpose by remaining productive in the community. They are helping to cut and prepare the leaves. 

The leaf trimmings from the banana leaves are used for composting which is helping to benefit the community by reducing the amount of trash that gathers. The community chapel cum daycare center has been able to acquire much-needed renovations to take place. The materials and labor have been able to be provided by Binalot.

And the benefits just keep on coming. Plans for backyard fishponds and vegetable gardens are being made with the potential of growing farmer incomes and guaranteeing a steady stock of ingredients to the franchise.

The DAHON program has helped to show that you don’t have to be big to make a difference. Having an idea and committing to it helps to make it a reality. Binalot is truly committed to advocating for rural development by persistently empowering the communities.

They continue to seek out problems in the community and do what they can to make a difference in their community. Check out their food and learn more about their cultural values at

About Binalot Fiesta Foods, Inc: In 1996, a band of young entre-Pinoys realized that the Philippines had just as much to contribute to the culinary world as it was in other areas of the world. Their Filipino pride pursued the rebirth of Pinoy classics. Their flash of inspiration led to the rediscovery of an old-age, but ever clever, Filipino dining practice that was better than a styrofoam dish: banana leaves. This insight led them to the birth of Binalot Fiesta Foods. Over the years, Binalot Fiesta Foods has grown from a stall in Shaw to a 37-store major franchise player that is competing with the popular fast food industry.

Contact Information:

Name: Mr. Rommel Juan
Organization: Binalot Fiesta Foods, Inc
Address: 3686 BUJ Building Sun Valley Drive, Paranaque City, Philippines 1700
Phone: +63 2 8824 7014
Email: [email protected]