Pro house-buying company BiggerEquity offers its services to homeowners in Savannah, GA, and the surrounding area. Their all-cash policy coupled with a speedy turnaround time (as little time as 7 days!) allows them to cut down on the time, money, and energy that homeowners usually spend when trying to sell their house.


Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 16, 2020 — BiggerEquity, a premier house-buying company operating out of Fort Lauderdale, now offers their professional services to the Savannah, GA area, with quick cash offers and 7 day deal-closure guaranteed.

BiggerEquity knows that working with banks and real estate agents for the house-selling process can be a major chore; sometimes, it even feels like the banks and the agents are working against the customer, not for them. That’s why BiggerEquity makes all-cash offers to buy houses in Savannah, GA. With quick all-cash offers that are guaranteed to close within as little an amount of time as seven (7) days, BiggerEquity cuts out the real-estate and banking hassle and leaves customers satisfied in their minds and their wallets.

We buy houses in Savannah,” says co-owner Don Sade, “but we’ve actually been housing investors for nearly three decades in Savannah before this, so we’re hardly newcomers to the game.” Indeed, BiggerEquity has the confidence which only experience cultivates. For instance, they don’t restrict potential buyers from checking out other offers to see how they stack up against BiggerEquity. “They never do.” That’s Sade again. “We always offer without a doubt the best prices you can get from any investor, both in Savannah and pretty much anywhere else.”

BiggerEquity buys all property for fair cash offers all over Savannah, GA, and the United States. They guarantee customer satisfaction by eliminating the time-burning and mind-numbing chores of banking loans and paying realtor commissions. BiggerEquity understands that keeping a house can become a burden, one made all the heavier by the added baggage from not being able to sell through conventional means. That’s why BiggerEquity has brought their simple service to Savannah, GA; they want to carry the customer’s burden for them.

About BiggerEquity: BiggerEquity is a speedy house-buying operation based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They offer their services across all fifty (50) United States, with the mission of helping customers sell their houses as soon as possible so that they, the customers, can move on with their lives and future plans. BiggerEquity’s number one priority is helping customers move on to the next chapter of their life in the shortest time possible, and they accomplish this by offering their signature all-cash payment; easy, fast, and hassle-free is their motto. BiggerEquity also cuts down on hassle by taking the house as-is. In other words, they don’t require customers to fix up anything. Selling a house is hard as it is, and BiggerEquity knows that the last thing any customer wants is to have to spend more money, time, and energy on it than they have to. BiggerEquity wants to help customers move on and will do anything to assist that process.

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