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Are you looking for the best laptop for non gamers? Are you searching for the best laptop for a long time by browsing different websites? Still, confusing to select the best laptop that can fulfill your requirements?

Congratulations! Now you are in the right place. Here I will present some best laptops available in 2020 for non-gamers, which are on-demand and work correctly.

Authors and writers are almost non-gamer personalities and they are on-demand every time. It’s understood that they need some high-quality and comfortable laptops in which they can achieve better. Though, desktop computers are also good for non-gamers use especially; you feel free from wrist pain, etc.

However, we have found several book writers who are suffering the pain in their wrist area due to too much typing. So, it’s better to have the best desktop pc for yourself as you will feel less pain and stay comfortable throughout the writing and research period.

Comparison chart of best laptop for non gamers 2020

Stay with us and go through this article. I will guide you about how to select the best laptop for non gamers. If you are a beginner and don’t know which type of laptop will suit you, then this buying guide helpful for you. So, let me present the detailed reviews of some best laptop for non gamers 2020.

Name Display RAM Battery Price
Acer Aspire E 15 15.6 ” Full HD 8GB DDR SD Up to 15 Hrs View
ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook 12.5” Full HD 4GB DDR3 Almost 10 hours View
HP Premium 15.6″ HD 2019 Laptop 15.6” HD LED 4GB/8GB/16GB Up to 7 hours View
Acer Chromebook 15 15.6 inches Full HD 4GB DDR3 Up to 6 hours View
Apple MacBook Pro 15.4 inch LED Retina backlit 16GB Up to 10 hrs View

Acer Aspire E 15 for non gamers 2020

Powerful and strong, presenting you the best Acer Aspire E 15 is light in weight to further carry with you anywhere you want. Designed to improve richness, the 15.6″ laptop has stable, a Full HD display, fast processing, and as well as a comfortable keyboard.

Generation 8th Generation
Processor Intel Core i5 1.6 GHz (Up to 3.4GHz)
Display 15.6” Full HD
Hard Disk 256 GB SSD
Optical Drive Type DVD-RW
Battery life Up to 15-hours
Operating System Windows 10 Home

Aspire E15 is the best laptop for non gamers in 2019 equipped with Core i5 processor that will improve the inclusive performance. This laptop can suit best for the requirements of your academic as it will give you the best graphics and storage facility.

This is one of the cheapest laptops for non-gamers as it is available at a very sensible price and it is best for the beginners also. However, some of its essential features are long-life battery, wide-angle viewing, as well as low-light sensitivity, built-in HD webcam.

Pros Cons
Strong performance Bulky design
Comes with USB 3.1 Type C port Filled with bloatware
Best battery timing
Very affordable price

ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook

The best laptop for non gamers is here with the flip-screen feature. The ASUS C302CA has Full HD flip touch that allows you to enjoy your writing time. It has an Intel Core processor that allows you fast browsing experience. ASUS C302CA made by the aluminum body and it has 64GB storage along with 4GB RAM.

Processor Intel Core_m 2.2GHz
Display 12.5-Inch Full HD EDP (Embedded Display Port)
Memory 4GB DDR3
Hard Disk 64 GB SSD Flash Memory
Optical Drive Type None
Battery life Almost 10 hours
Operating System Chrome

ASUS C302CA is one of the best budget laptops as it has a 360-degree joint. The touchscreen allows you to further utilize the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 in an unlimited variety of forms. However, it has the best battery time to keep it active for up to 10 hours consistently just on single time charge. You can work for the maximum time on this laptop. Their sleek designs make it attractive and it is light in weight, so it is easy to carry on with you anywhere. Though, on its play store, you can find thousands of free and premium apps for further enjoyment. ASUS C302CA gives you full HD display, so you can enjoy your favorite movies on 1920×1080 pixels high resolution.

Pros Cons
Easy to carry on due to lightweight Sometimes automatically on/off
Up 10 hours battery timing
Full HD Display
The aluminum body makes it shiny

HP Premium 15.6″ HD 2019 Laptop

In case you are finding the best laptop for non gamers, you will easily notice that there are several models that represent quite a deal. However, we believe a person looking for this type of laptop needs a good all-rounder. We thought of awarding the “best buy” prize to the 2019 HP Premium 15.6″ HD Laptop.

Processor                                AMD Dual-Core 2.6GHz
Display 15.6” HD LED Backlight Display
Memory 4GB/8GB/16GB DDR4 RAM
Hard Disk 512 GB / 1 TB / 2TB SSD
Optical Drive Type DVD RW
Battery life Up to 7 hours
Additional Feature HD Webcam

Starting with performance, this model comes with more than reasonable processing power at a very good price. Fitted with AMD A6 Dual-Core processor clocked at 2.6 GHz, Comes with 4GB/8GB/16GB of DDR4 RAM and fast 1TB SSD.

The storage capacity is more than sufficient for just about any application. In addition, in case you wanted to try out some modern HD videos you can; because the HP Premium comes with an AMD Radeon R4 video card.

We were also impressed by the 15.6 inches HD backlight display that is capable of 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. Stunning colors and a great contrast level are key features of this excellent display fitted by HP. 

The construction of the 2019 HP Premium is at great levels with a strong chassis and a modern exterior design. There are also a lot of useful accessories like a card reader, HD webcam and HDMI video port.

The battery life of the 2019 HP Premium 15.6″ laptop is also very good. Being powered by a 3 cell battery pack that allows about 7 hours and a half of autonomy. In the end, we must tell you that we were thrilled with what this model had to offer for a reasonable price.

Pros Cons
Comes with a DVD / CD drive The screen is only 1366×768
Specs can be customize USB ports are extremely tight
SSD 10x faster HDD
Works well for gaming

Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571

Acer has spilled the beans ahead of CB5-571 about one of their new Chromebooks, and if I were them I’d be excited too. 

Processor                                Intel Celeron 1.5 GHz
Display 15.6 inches Full HD
Memory 4GB DDR3 RAM
Hard Disk 32 GB SSD
Operating System Chrome OS
Battery life 6 hours

The Acer Chromebook 15 CB5 is the first 15 inches Chromebook with the full HD IPS display. Acer Chromebook 15 sporting a 15.6″ screen and starting at a shockingly low price.

For the base model, you can get a resolution of 1366×768 but in this upgraded version you have 1920×1080 Full HD resolution for HD experience. You can also choose between Intel Celeron and Intel Core i5 processors, 4GB DDR3 RAM, and 16GB or 32GB of internal flash storage.

The chassis of the Chromebook 15 is made from polycarbonate. The whole thing weighs just less than 5 pounds which is a little above average on the weight.

Pros Cons
The screen is clear and nice Battery time is only 5-6 hrs
No lag with 4GB RAM version
The keyboard is more natural
A trackpad is bigger and easy to use

Apple MacBook Pro

Like most Apple products, this new MacBook Pro comes with amazing and interesting features. This Apple MacBook can be counted as one of the best laptops for non gamers. The weight of 4.02 pounds allows you to carry on with yourself easily when you travel.

Generation 8th Generation
Processor                                Intel 6-Core Core i7
Display 15.4 inch LED Retina backlit display
Memory 16GB RAM
Hard Disk 256GB / 512GB SSD
Battery life Up to 10 hrs
Additional Feature Touch Bar and Touch ID

The MacBook has an outstanding additional Touch ID feature for advanced security; it is great for signing on securely and quickly.  The 8th Generation Intel processors (6-core i7) and super-fast SSD storage make the performance of this machine quicker fast.

This Apple MacBook Pro comes with a backlit LED Retina display. The 2880×1800 native resolution allows you to watch your favorite movies in Ultra HD quality. Apple MacBook series has always been known as the best multipurpose MacBook manufacturer.

Before buying a new laptop you would consider some most important aspects. You must consider screen size, processor, battery life and portability. This Apple MacBook has all these features that you aspect for your new laptop.

The battery life of this machine allows you to work up to 10 hrs with a single charge. In addition, the keyboard has a total of two speakers one on each side for greater surround sound effect.

The laptop is a great combination of productive multitasking. During the review, we test the multi-tasking and battery life of this MacBook, it performed the way we expected and wrote. In general, you can buy this laptop for your elderly parents.

Pros Cons
Backlit Keyboard feature Sometimes Suddenly get stuck
6-Core Intel processor for fast performance Maybe expensive for someone
Up 10 hours battery timing
Advanced security system with Touch ID

Things to be considered while buying a laptop in 2020

When buying a new laptop, everyone has a set of expectations that he or she wants to get from the device. Some of the very visible and understood features you should never miss out when buying the best laptop for non gamers are discussed below:

The portability

Portability is one most important thing that you would need in your professional laptop because if you miss that then there is no reason for choosing a laptop over the desktop systems. Make sure you find one slim, sleek and lightweight laptop with all the other required features so that you can carry it along anywhere you go to have your professional carrier with you all the time.

Battery life

Battery life is another unforgettable feature you should see. Though an average non-gaming laptop battery offers around 8-10 hours performance with maximum features and advanced professional functions. You may find a better option with a little high price tag as well.

Specialized Keyboard and keys

Most of the laptop titled as professional beasts come with macro key functions for instant access to the typing functions. The keyboard having the colored backlit is a feature of most of the best professional laptops. In addition to that most of the high-quality non-gaming laptop offers customized key functions, low profile tactile and mechanical function for easier and better control.

The display screen

The display screen of the laptop for non-gamers that you have to use for your writing and professional experience is not the same as for the gaming laptop. Due to the fact you need wider, clearer and better view, you may look for 4K display, touch screen display options and other things like that. The width of the screen also matters a lot as you can find most of the writing laptops having the screen size range around 15 inches to 17 inches or sometimes there could be more or less than that. This allows better vision and control as well as offers an in-depth view of the writing zone.

In addition to the size and type of the screen, you may also look for the anti-glare technology so that you don’t miss out the details no matter which light conditions surround you while writing.

Processor and speed

Most of the high-quality non-gaming laptop features the latest Core i8 processor inside for smoother and faster performance and speed. You cannot compromise on less than that as it will affect your browsing speed and smoothness as well.


Without sharp graphics and distinct colors, you cannot categorize a laptop as the best laptop for daily use. Some of the best laptop for non gamers today offers 1060 or 1050 GTX NVIDIA for the desktop-grade graphics experience.

You should look for those having NVIDIA GTX GeForce graphics systems if you want to get indulged into the close to life graphics for the better writing experience.

Look for the laptops that offer immersive sound system. You can also find a non-gaming laptop with subwoofers and stereo system.

Storage and memory

Storage, memory, speeds, and capacity also matters a lot. You should have sufficient RAM and memory storage. Look for DDR4 or DDR5 SSD and other storage and memory information to make sure you have the most applicable features.

Cooling system

A cooling system is one added and most important feature that keeps the laptop enough cool. You will have to look for if you are planning to use it for hours. Best laptop for non gamers offer customized cooling fans that have adjustable speed. You can adjust fans as per your need or you may have a preset cooling system that keeps the laptop away from heating up issues.

Other special features

You may also look for the additional storage option, USB ports, thunderbolt3 port, wireless connectivity, and other such options to see if you will be using it without any issue related to functioning speed and data storage options.

You may also have to look for the features that add a boost to the processing. Web browsing and live streaming options found in a laptop, which assure you to enjoy your entertainment time.

Final words

Concluding our discussion regarding the best laptop for non gamers that are available on the market presently. We should say that you have to choose according to your professional requirements and the expected performance.

It is better to get the best device that supports the latest processing system for a high-end experience. Though it is not possible to announce one device as the best laptop for non-gamers. We can assure, the above-listed options are some of the best budget laptops. That is worthy enough to look at and choose the one that suits your professional needs in an easy way.

Customized functions, better speed, portability and improved battery life paired with advanced graphics, sound systems, and smart functions make a laptop perfect choice for the professional people.

Good Luck for your Laptop Hunting