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As a beginner uke player you should look for “combat” ukulele

What is a “combat” ukulele?

It is a good ukulele, but not so expensive.

Normally, you can find these types of ukuleles starting at $70 to $120.

Hi, this is Rachel, and welcome to my guide where i choose the best concert ukuleles for beginnersRachel Wavetop-10-concert-ukulele-for-beginner

First I would like to say that I wouldn’t recommend a cheap concert ukulele

The reasons behind this are simple: the tuning pegs and sound quality.

You will get used to a not so good resonance from your ukulele and your pegs will surely go out of tune really easily.

On top of that, the wood  is always important on an instrument. But if you are just starting you should go more for the most typical ones from below.

Mahogany and Koa wood – both of them will give you what you really need as a beginner

Actually, my first ukulele was a concert ukulele and it’s still my favourite one of all my ukuleles.

But let’s talk about the most acclaimed brands and the not so notorious ones

Which ones are good between price and quality?

  1.Kala Ukulele

Unquestionably, the most or one of the most famous brands in the ukulele world.

They make almost every type of ukulele and they have lines of products for almost every taste. Talking about price and quality, with them you can find both of these things.

In one of their line products, you can find the “Makala” ukuleles, they have simple designs with many different types of colors. Here you can find the “Makala Concert”.

It has a Mahogany body, and a Walnut fingerboard, the combination makes a good warm sound and the price isn’t higher than $100.

So, if you want to go for the leader of the market, this should be definitely your option.

Like this, you can rest assure that you are paying a fair price for what you are getting.

  2.Luna Guitars

Sure, the name says guitars, but they make cool ukuleles too.

Actually, nowadays they sell more ukuleles than guitars and they make pretty amazing ones!

Speaking about one in specific, the “Luna Uke Flamed Acacia Concert”.

It has a beautiful design, kind of like a vintage acoustic guitar, and it is affordable enough for what you get.

The price is higher than the Makala Concert (more less $129), even though the sound and build of the ukulele is practically the same.

But, this is an ukulele with a presence, it has beautiful natural color tones and for a beginner or a professional this would be a good instrument.

The fretboard is really comfortable, tune pegs work really nice and the body design is simple but beautiful for the eye.

You can be sure that this ukulele will last with you many years and it will not lose its quality and actually that is perfect for a beginner.

Even when you are a pro with your instrument, you can pick it up again and you will still enjoy the full sound of your first ukulele.


A very interesting brand of ukuleles, with them you can find almost the best price at the market for what you get.

Their ukes are good and it’s hard to beat their prices. Let’s check the “Donner Concert DUC-1”, the price is just $65!

It has a mahogany body and a rosewood fretboard.

For me, in particular, if I would have had a guide before buying my first ukulele, it’s very possible I would have bought this one instead of the one I picked back then.

Even though – my first ukulele is still my first choice when I want to play long sessions.

Coming back to the topic, this brand is also very famous for the prices that they have.

What you can expect to have if you choose a Donner ukulele is, good sound, good solid and well treated wood and awesome price.

It is what you can call a “standard” instrument, and it is what you should look for when you are learning to play an instrument.

  4.Makanu Ukulele

This is a very cheap option of ukulele – But actually, that doesn’t mean it is bad.

You will risk a little bit of sound resonance if you go for the “Makanu Concert Ukulele”, but it’s not bad at all.

You will have a mix between warm and bright sound with it that can give you an interesting tone too.

The price of this ukulele is of $45. It’s a really good deal, even more if you are not looking for something fancy and more a practical type of instrument to start with.

The style of this concert ukulele is also really sweet, the colors are vivid and the quality doesn’t look cheap for the price you would be paying.

  5.Enya Ukulele

A kind of new, but big brand of ukuleles.

You can find professional quality ukuleles and not so good ukuleles with them.

The “Enya OMS 04 Concert Ukulele” is one of the good ones. Normally, this ukulele will come with the entire package. Meaning, that normally comes with the bag, an extra pair of strings, tuner, pick-ups and strap.

This is actually good if you are a beginner, because it will give you all that you need to start as one package. This deal you can find online and sometimes also at local music stores.

The price is really affordable for a starter instrument, being the standard cost of $85.

This is the typical deal for a beginner, but making a comparison with guitar packs, with ukuleles most of times you can expect something rational with these deals.

Unlike guitars, if you buy a combo like this one, several times you will find yourself stuck with a bad quality instrument.

  6.Cordoba Ukulele

This brand is a little bit harder to find.

But if you are in luck and you find one, they make high quality instruments and with an amazing price.

Of course, as all brands, if you pay more you will get something better. But, starting with their “Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele” that is their most basic concert ukulele, you can expect a fine instrument.

It’s not pricey for what you get, costs vary online between $95 to $110 more less.

The best thing about this brand, is their fingerboard, really comfortable and smooth to play in.

So, even if you wouldn’t be a beginner anymore and you want a concert ukulele, choosing a Cordoba ukulele will make you sure you buy a quality instrument.

This is a quick guide of what you can find in the market for good prices without risking the quality.

Even with that said, if you are planning to become a professional ukulele player since the beginning I would recommend to go for a higher end type of ukulele.

You can find them also in the brands that I gave before, or in so many others that are nowadays. It’s also very important to know that, practice and dedication is what will make your ukulele sound fantastic.

As a musician, I can assure you, how you play and how much you practice will make the difference between the sound of your ukuleles.

Of course, a bad ukulele will not make any magic and sound like a high end one, but you could still perform if you become a versatile type of player.

Also, keep in mind that, a good fretboard will be comfortable at your left hand and it will be easy to manage the string with it.

If you are choosing an ukulele and you see that the strings are kind of high, ask your local seller. It’s very possible it needs calibration and that will definitely affect the way you play, learn and hear your ukulele.

 Final Note

At last, don’t forget to check our in-depth articles about specific ukuleles.

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As of this article, if you choose one of the six concert ones I have provided on top, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and don’t forget to check the rest of our topics. I’m pretty sure they will be of help for you.Rachel Wave