In the past 12 months, UK-based linen manufacturing company Victoria Linen has seen a bedding boom due to people spending more time at home and wanting to live in a more comfortable and beautiful environment. Victoria Linen has been manufacturing bedding for more than 20 years and prides itself on making products that will fit customers’ needs as perfectly as their bedding. Find out more here.


Lancashire, UK, 23 August 2021 — Victoria Linen is a bedding and curtain manufacturing company that prides itself on more than 20 years of experience in making made-to-measure bedding. In the last 12 months, Victoria Linen has seen a bedding boom due to people spending more time at home and wanting to spend more money on ensuring a comfortable and beautiful environment.

In addition to wanting to make their spaces look pretty, people have been expanding their bed sizes and have explored more diverse options and products, Victoria Linen noted. These products include small double beddingemperor bedding, and small double mattress protectors and are all sold at competitive prices for such luxury items.

Small double beds are popular among customers who may want a regular double bed but just don’t have the space. Emperor-sized beds are similar and less common. Because both small double beds and emperor beds are bespoke bedding sizes, it can be difficult to find bedding that fits. However, Victoria Linen comes to their customers’ rescue by manufacturing bedding tailored to the customer’s specific mattress measurements, thereby ensuring a perfect fit every time. 

Worried about the longevity of your mattress? Never fear when Victoria Linen is near! The company also manufactures a custom small double mattress protector that features either a quilted or waterproof finish that protects the mattress from everyday wear and tear. The mattress protector is discreet and comfortable, and also provides protection from spills and dirt.

Victoria Linen manufactures all of its bedding products from the finest poly and Egyptian cotton – up to 1200 threads per inch! – ensuring a luxurious and high-quality look and feel. As it is a made-to-order product, every piece that Victoria Linen makes is as unique as the customer that placed the order.

The company offers a simple step process for building perfect bedding, simply place your order over the phone or online and wait for it to find its way to you. Products can be made for and delivered to customers all over the world Customers that are interested in Victoria Linen’s bespoke services can contact them via their website and request assistance or product samples. 

About Victoria Linen: Victoria Linen was established in 1995 and is a high-quality bespoke bedding and curtains manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. Since then it has developed and evolved its product range to include an even wider variety of products. Victoria Linen manufactures all of its products in-house but supplies a worldwide base of customers with luxurious bedding and curtains.

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