Bernstein Law Group has won two of Hamilton Spectator’s top awards. The First Place Diamond Award for Best Personal Injury Law Services and the Third Place Gold Award for Best Criminal Lawyer. It’s the second year Stephen Bernstein and his firm have won these awards. The Bernstein Law Group are personal injury lawyers serving clients in Hamilton and surrounding areas. They help mitigate wrongful death cases, negligence, medical malpractice, long-term disability claims, and catastrophic injuries. They also offer free no-obligation legal consultations and guidance.


Hamilton, Ontario, 2 March 2020– Hamilton Spectator recently announced the official winners of the 2019 People’s Choice Law Awards, The Bernstein Law Group. They’ve earned Diamond and Gold Awards for Best Personal Injury Law and Best Criminal Lawyers. It’s the second year they’ve won such a prestigious award.

Stephen Bernstein is a leading lawyer at Bernstein Law Group with over 30 years of experience in criminal law and complex litigation cases. His track record includes motor vehicle offense, assault, domestic assault, fraud, and sexual assault cases. As a leading trial lawyer, he advocates for his clients in and out of court. He is a highly respected litigator amongst his colleagues. Dogged and determined, Stephen has spent his career protecting his clients from wrongful convictions with his unyielding approach, an unmitigated examination and cross-examination of witnesses. The Bernstein Law Group is proud to announce Stephen Bernstein’s success as a First Place Diamond Award Winner for Best Personal Injury Lawyer Hamilton.

Stephen Bernstein is partnered with Robert Bernstein. Together they form the Bernstein Law Group, servicing clients in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Both Stephen and Robert tackle complex personal injury claims and provide free consultations for accident victims and legal aid clients. Personal Injury Law Hamilton is both a trying and confusing time. They’ve committed to helping their clients navigate the painstaking court process while advocating for the best possible result. They’re on-call and available to service their clients throughout their stressful and volatile legal problems. Their practice areas include brain and spinal cord injury, wrongful death, negligence, chronic pain, medical malpractice, long-term disability claims, car accidents, and catastrophic injuries. As a team, they ensure the strongest, most compassionate defense for their client’s personal injury cases.

About the company: The Bernstein Law Group is a reputable law firm servicing clients in Hamilton, ON and throughout Southern Ontario. They specialize in Personal Injury Law & Criminal Law. Their dedication and deep local knowledge enable them to vigorously and effectively represent their clients’ best interests on every file. The Bernstein Law Group prides itself on making the extra effort to understand each client personally as they seek the best possible outcome for their case. With over 35 years of experience and commitment to their clients, The Bernstein Law Group works to ensure the best possible results. Their office offers a free no-obligation consultation and is accessible and compassionate every step of the way.

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