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I wish some employers understand how important it is, to have their employees exercising before or after work.

Having a workout routine for employees at work, will not only increase productivity but also the morale at work. Research shows that doing exercise produces produce endorphins in the brain and this is a great way to start the day.

When you embrace doing exercise first thing in the morning (most health exerts recommend this with an empty stomach), you will have numerous benefits, both for your schedule and your health.

It is important to focus on the exercise while doing it and not be thinking about work. This will give you a clear state of mind when you are done with your morning exercise routine.

If you are not a morning person, doing this after work also have great benefits. And one important one is to reduce stress after work.

Either way, if you do your exercise during the morning or after work, both options will give you tremendous benefits if you do it regularly.

Why exercise before or after work?

Benefits of breakfast

Before you decide whether you need to do your exercise routine during the day or afternoon, let’s pause for a moment and talk about how breakfast is important for your overall health.

If you eat breakfast regularly, it can lower your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other problems. For many of us it is easy just to skip it and rush to work. But if you decide to exercise during the morning, you will need to consider having breakfast after. The energy you will get from those calories will be burnt and you will feel better during the day.

Working out gives you energy

Most people are looking to do do their exercise routine during the day to get energy. If you are not a coffee drinker, or if you need to drink an energy drink to get the energy you need for the day, this option will  make sense for you.

Doing exercise during the mornings will give you the energy you need for the day and you won’t have to drink other caffeinated energy drinks to get the energy you need.

A morning workout reduces stress later in the day

Stress is a big factor in our lives nowadays. If your idea is to reduce stress, doing exercise during the morning will prepare you for the stressful day, but doing it after work it will help you to reduce the stress caused by the work day.

Support weight loss

If you decide to exercise before work, there are many benefits for this. In a recent study published in EBioMedicine, several young men did exercise during different times of the day. Some of them did their routine during the morning, others during the afternoon and others during the evening.

The results were very positive for all of them, but the report indicated that the highest fat burn was during the morning routine before breakfast.

So if you decide to do it because you want to lose weight, doing exercise during the morning will be the best option for you.

Morning workouts: Fewer distractions

If you decide to do your exercise routine during the morning, you will be less prone to distractions. You see, when you wake up, you are not looking at your to-do list, so your mind is fresh and you can get your exercise with a clear mind.

Healthy habit for life

Whether you decide to do your exercise routing during the day or afternoon, creating this type of habit is one of the best you can make. Even if it is 30 minutes or so, you will feel more energized, stronger, optimistic and ready to either handle the stress of the day better or get rid of the stress generated during the day.

It is only one thing you need to do: Do it every day!. Consistency is the key to create healthy habits, and in the log run git will be a great lifelong habit.

You will improve your decision-making process

Multiple research reports indicate that morning exercise not only helps regulate your appetite for the rest of your day, but also helps to improve your mental activity. So, if the morning exercise routine is your thing, it will help you to make better decisions because you will have a much better mental concentration during the day.

Exercise clears your mind

If you are experiencing some dilemma in your life or work, physical activity, whether it’s during the morning or afternoon, has been shown to help you think more clearly. For example, if you have a big project coming up, or a personal problem and you don’t know what to do? A workout routine can give you an option to clear your mind and have a more clear idea of the situation, removing stress that makes it more muddy.

Don’t forget your Exercise. DO IT!

We all have excuses why not to engage with an exercise routine: “I don’t have time”, “too many distractions”, “too much work”, etc.

Exercise is one of those things we know we should do, yet many people find it difficult to find the time. If you don’t make an effort to have it in your agenda or schedule it, you will never generate the habit.

If you are thinking: “this sounds great”  but you are still hesitant? Think about the benefits of daily exercise and you will realize that it is a no-brainer tradeoff to make. If you really want to lose weight, increase your productivity, and be happier overall, make a decision and have your exercise routine included in your daily activities. You won’t regret it!

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