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Though cable internet has been around longer, fiber internet is a much better option. Those who have cable now may want to learn more about the benefits of fiber internet to see if it’s the right choice for them – then check out the prices near them to find a great deal on a better way to go online.

Higher Speeds

Fiber optic internet offers faster internet speeds compared to cable. In fact, the speed can be 10 to 20 times faster than cable. Instead of a 2-hour movie taking around seven minutes to download over cable internet or 30 minutes on DSL internet, it only takes around 40 seconds with fiber optic internet. The upload and download speeds are both the same for fiber optic internet, so it’s fast to upload or download anything from the internet.

Better Reliability

Cable connections are often slow during peak times, which leads to frozen videos and longer download r upload times. The traffic online during peak times simply overloads the wires, and they can’t do everything at once. Fiber internet, on the other hand, can handle more users at once time, so it’s not as likely to have outages. In fact, it doesn’t rely on electricity to work, so downtimes can even be avoided when the power goes out.

Connect Multiple Devices

Since the internet is more reliable with fiber optics, it’s possible to have multiple devices connected with no slowing down or other issues. Everyone in the family can have a device going at the same time without issue. Businesses don’t have to worry about slow internet connections, even if they have multiple employees online at the same time. It simply works better and stays connected where cable might have trouble handling the usage.

Better Security

Cable internet can be compromised by connecting to the line and picking up the electronic signals in the cable. However, fiber networks can’t be compromised so easily. They’re almost impossible to hack into, so security breaches aren’t as much of an issue. Home or business owners worried about the security of their internet will want to opt for fiber, so they know it’s far more difficult for anyone to hack into the system.

Consistent Signal

Over long distances, during peak usage times, and other instances where cable might lose signal or have trouble getting the information across, fiber optic internet will do fine. It doesn’t have the issues that DSL or cable internet have, so it is far more consistent and is less likely to suffer from latency, dropped data packages, and other issues.

Choosing the right internet to use can be difficult because of all the options available today. However, one of the best options right now is fiber internet. It’s faster, more reliable, and more secure than cable internet, and it’s coming down in cost, so it’s affordable for more people. Take a look at the fiber internet options near you today to find a package that fits your needs and gives you the reliable, high-speed internet you need.