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Learn about why boarding schools are a good option during Covid-19 and how they can help teenagers grow academically and socially.If your child is not thriving in a traditional school, you may be considering alternatives for their education. Private schools and homeschooling are viable options, but have you considered a boarding school or military academy? These institutions are not just for troubled teens or elite members of society. They are an opportunity for your child to thrive in a nurturing, encouraging, and challenging environment. Riverside Military Academy is Georgia’s leading boarding school that offers students a safe, in-person education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our school offers distinct advantages you may not have considered.



1. Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

The average class size at a boarding school is 12-15 students per class compared to over 24 in a traditional public school. Students get the individual attention they need and deserve. Riverside Military Academy has an even better 8:1 student to teacher ratio. If a student is struggling, there is time and space for individual attention and mastery. There are also opportunities for full participation by all students in core classes as well as in extracurricular activities.

2. Fewer Distractions

With a set routine, students are able to concentrate on managing their time and responsibilities. This creates a sense of purpose and instills discipline. There is a routine to their day, which encourages attention to schoolwork and extra-curricular activities. This creates inner strength and motivation. Since the students are in the same setting 24/7 and days are very structured, they are focused on the task at hand rather than other potential interruptions they might have at home.

3. Built-in Learning Community

As every student that attends the boarding school has the same core principles, there is a tremendous amount of teamwork. This community allows for collaboration between students with guidance by experienced instructors. Each student’s strengths are noticed, and they are able to concentrate on improving any weaknesses. This all builds great character.

4. Self-reliance

Without parental intervention, individuals have responsibility for taking care of things for themselves. While there is a schedule designed by the academy, following that schedule, and choosing how to handle free time falls to the student. Personal responsibility and discipline are core values that define students at the boarding school. The skills they learn will carry them through the rest of their lives.

5. Character Development

One of the goals of boarding schools is to teach and expand exemplary character traits. From preparation for college to leadership skills, students are taught, and given a chance to practice, these skills and more. They learn respect for others in this setting. Under a strict code of conduct, students are taught integrity in their word and actions. Hard work and honor define behavior during boarding school days and into successful careers.

6. Lifelong Friends

Spending all day and evening with a particular group of people will create bonds that last a lifetime. Boarding schools focus on teamwork, a supportive community, building self-confidence, accepting diversity, independence, and academic excellence. With common goals, these supportive friendships last well into adulthood.

7. Cultural Diversity

Boarding schools have a reputation of either being a home for boys that are in trouble or those from wealthy families, but that’s an incorrect assumption. Boys from all walks of life and from all cultural backgrounds choose boarding schools and military academies. This exposure to students of different races, economic backgrounds, and religious sects creates tolerance and understanding.

8. Alternative Activities & Leadership Opportunities

Boarding schools offer many more extracurricular prospects than normal schools that are restricted by budgets and public perception. Sports, clubs, and leadership teams are available right on campus. Activities that boys may not have even considered are available for exploration. This ignites curiosity and passions not available in a traditional school setting.

Boarding schools have so much to offer students of all backgrounds. Let go of your previous assumptions of how military academies are portrayed by the public. Explore what they have to offer and the doors they can open in the future. Students at boarding schools receive the finest education and guidance. They are taught foundational skills that will serve them well later in life. During uncertain times, boarding schools can create stability for students and parents alike. At Riverside Military Academy, we offer the best to the best.