Rose farm in Ecuador, Bellevue Roses, wholesales flowers to those in the floral business. They will make sure you are satisfied with your order every time. You can trust Bellevue Roses with your business. The B2B company can’t wait to serve you and your business. Learn more at


Miami, FL, July 4, 2020- Bellevue Roses, a B2B rose wholesaler, delivers fresh-cut quality roses to their customers every time.

Fill your florist shop needs with beautiful roses from the Ecuador-based rose farm. With nearly every color of the rainbow at your fingertips, you will be sure to wow your customers with beautiful floral arrangements for their special occasions. You will have them coming back time and time again.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of our roses,” said Juan Torri, a spokesperson for Bellevue Roses. “We can’t wait to share them with you, directly from our rose farm in Ecuador.”

Bellevue Roses has rated five stars on its website. Their customers are always satisfied when they count on Bellevue to stock their rose selection. Most of the reviews are from repeat customers who have been relying on Bellevue on multiple occasions to supply their roses.

From your traditional red roses to brightly colored, dyed roses to shiny, metallic roses, your floral needs will be covered. Bellevue also has a variety of pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges to choose from. White, cream, coral, and peach are available if you prefer a lighter color scheme. Bellevue has lovely bi-colored roses available to choose from.

You can expect to have your shipment in a timely manner. Bellevue promises to deliver you fresh, beautiful flowers every single time you shop with them. Bellevue will ship their roses directly to you via FedEx.

Boxes of Bellevue Roses are customizable. You can buy Bellevue roses by color.  You will never walk away from Bellevue unhappy with your order. Bellevue will always make sure you get the roses that you are looking for.

Because you can order your Bellevue Roses online and have them shipped directly to you, you can trust that their website is secure and protected with up to $100,000 in identity protection.

About Bellevue Roses: Bellevue has been growing the finest roses of Ecuador since 2006. They currently offer over 100 different types of roses: premium roses, garden roses, spray roses, and dyed roses. If you have been looking for a great rose supplier for your business, then they are the perfect match for you. Their website has a user-friendly setup. This allows the floral designer to easily customize their boxes as needed. You can buy your roses by the quarter or half box online based on your need. All of the roses are shipped to the customer via FedEx directly from the rose farms in Ecuador. This ensures that the customers are receiving only the best quality of fresh-cut roses.

They can’t wait to start working with you. As a B2B company, they only offer wholesale trade. You must register with a resale number on their website. Learn more about Bellevue roses at

Contact Info:

Name: Juan Torri
Organization: Bellevue Roses
Address: 8200 NW 41st Street, Suite 200, Miami, FL, 33166
Phone: (305) 537-9682