Boost YouTube views in a major way

More kids in America and the United Kingdom want to be a YouTuber instead of an Astronaut as their profession when they get older. If you’re one of those kids, teens, or young adults who want to be a YouTuber, then you may be interested in boosting your YouTube views.

People who watch YouTube spend hours watching different kinds of content. When creating your videos you need to make a strategy to get people to click and watch. SEO can play a huge part in people finding and watching your videos.

Keep reading for our guide on how to boost YouTube views in a major way.

Make Sure You’re Consistent

Building and growing an audience comes from good and consistent content. If you’re first starting out or have been posting on YouTube for a while, you should make a schedule and let your subscribers know about it. Creating a posting schedule can really help to benefit you, your channel, and your subscribers.

Setting up a posting schedule is the best way to keep yourself motivated to post. You can say that you will post every Tuesday and Friday and this will give you a schedule for how much work you need to get done throughout the week. You could make Wednesday and Saturday your filming days, then take the rest of the days to edit your videos.

Posting with a consistent schedule can also help to build your relationship with your subscribers. Let them know the days that you are going to post so they will know to come back to your channel those days.

The downside of not posting consistently could hurt your channel a lot. By taking a break from YouTube, your subscribers may not find your content relevant anymore and forget to watch when you do start posting again. If you post randomly without a specific schedule, then subscribers may not be as excited to click on your video like if you had a schedule.

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Use Good Keywords

SEO stands for search engine optimization and this is important when it comes to posting your YouTube videos with good keywords in your title and descriptions. A great way to get new viewers is by people finding your channel in the search results.

Make sure you use words that are relevant to your video and really describe what is going on. You do not want to use ‘clickbait’ to get more viewers because this isn’t authentic. Clickbait is when a YouTuber makes a wild claim in their title just to get people to watch. Usually, the video has nothing to do with the claim and viewers feel like they were lied to.

A good way to make an interesting and searchable title is to answer a question. Videos that have ‘how to’ in the title are very searchable because it is answering a question.

You Need Interesting Content

When you make a YouTube video it needs to be interesting and relevant to potential viewers. Adam White, creator of, says that if you post content on your website that doesn’t capture the interest of others, it can actually hurt your rankings.

To make interesting content you can try and follow YouTube trends when they first take off. If you piggyback on a viral challenge such as “ordering the same thing as the person in front of me for 24 hours,” then people who are interested in that trend will be more likely to start watching your content.

When you’re first starting out making YouTube videos you may feel a bit camera shy and not like your true self. You need to try and get over this feeling as soon as possible because people don’t want to watch a person who isn’t confident. Try to add personality and real moments to your videos so your audience knows that you’re human and they can relate to you.

YouTube analytics also makes it possible for you to see why and when people are subscribing to your channel. Say you post a video about healthy foods and see your subscribers increase greatly, then you may want to post more videos on the same subject since your subscribers think that it is relevant and interesting.

Interesting Thumbnails

Besides making an interesting YouTube video you will also need to make an interesting thumbnail. Your thumbnail and title will be the first thing that potential viewers see and that is how they will decide to watch or not.

You could have an amazing and interesting video with an unappealing thumbnail and get no viewers or vice versa. Creating a good thumbnail means that you’ve chosen a relevant picture to your video, edited it, and applied text explaining your video.

Another great tip is to make all of your thumbnails for your videos cohesive. This is so when someone clicks on your YouTube channel all of the thumbnails for your videos will look nice together. An appealing YouTube page will help make someone subscribe to your channel.

Interact With Your Subscribers

Interacting with your subscribers is an awesome way to build an audience who trusts and believes in you. There are so many different ways you can build a relationship with your subscribers. First of all, each YouTube video allows users to leave comments so this would be the best place to respond and start a conversation with your followers.

Take advantage of other social media platforms as well. In each description of your YouTube video, you should be leaving links to your other forms of social media to gain more followers there as well. It may be more convenient for you to interact with your followers on Twitter or Instagram.

Another fun way for you to get more loyal subscribers is to host a giveaway. You can set rules for the giveaway such as subscribing to your channel and leaving a comment to enter. Make sure you’re giving away something relevant to you and your YouTube channel.

Boost YouTube Views

Getting more views and subscribers on YouTube should be fun. You should look for more exciting and interesting ways to boost YouTube views so your subscribers stick around.

If you want to learn more about creating a YouTube channel that can make you money, then check out our website for more tips and tricks.