Bear Paw Creek enrich the lives of others through creative movement products and music. 


Miller, MO, March 16, 2022 — Bear Paw Creek equips teachers, therapists, and parents as they seek to enrich the lives of others with their creative music and movement products. Through understanding the importance of music and movement, they’re developing healthy minds and bodies of all ages by stimulating both sides of the brain, lifting their customer’s spirits, and making tedious activities seem fun. 

How do they start? Janet Stephens, the founder, had a passion for creating an income from home and was inspired by Kathy Schumacher, MT-BC: a travelling music therapist. Also, Christopher and Janet Stephens- opened Props & Bags, Etc. in January 2000. There, Janet meshed her love of sewing with the creation of a unique line of movement props along with solutions for organizing and transporting them. And thanks to Christopher’s innovative mind and Janet’s designing and sewing skills, they emphasized quality testing and improvements where needed. Then, in 2001 they picked up their first wholesale customer and continued to add more through the years, assessed their company and set goals for the future, leading them to change their brand name to Bear Paw Creek in 2008. But their core values remained the same: commitment to the people who use their products and enthusiasm because their customers improve the lives of others. 

At Bear Paw Creek, all of their products are proudly Made in the USA. With that, they are stopping the rapid decline of manufacturing jobs in America, promoting national security, building a better future for American children and protecting America’s environment.

The company knows that incorporating motion with music brings all the excellent physical and emotional benefits of exercise to strengthen the muscles and improve coordination. That’s why they have a strong commitment to their community by innovating the market through new products—founding several products and selling -since 2000- their best-selling: Stretchy Band in various sizes. Their Stretchy Bands are great for many different group sizes and appropriate for all ages. And one of their most recent innovations is the Connect-a-Stretchy Band which has a buckle system that allows you to use the bands straight and buckled into a circle. They also carried a colourful line of ribbon and chiffon streamers, 25″ scarves, balloon balls, and square and textured bean bags.

Another of their biggest assets is that after you have purchased your creative movement products, they also help you to organize them! Each of their props come packaged in a drawstring bag so that you can stay organized in your classroom, therapy room, library, home, or on the go! They also carry the speciality bags such as the QChord Gig Bag, Tone Chime case roll-up, pickpocket, BoomTote, and the Martin Backpacker Guitar. Bear Paw Creek business continues to expand and grow, reaching more retail customers, along with a growing list of resellers, stateside and internationally. 

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Contact Info:

Name: Janet Stephens
Organization: Bear Paw Creek
Address: PO Box 193 Miller MO 65707
Phone: 417-823-0259