Be Layered has announced its amazing weekly release of the best high-quality and affordable dupe fragrances based on customer reviews. The company specializes in unique and exotic dupes, single notes, and original fragrances, empowering individuals to express themselves through a diverse range of scents.


Anaheim, CA, January 17, 2024— Be Layered, the trailblazing fragrance brand committed to making luxury scents accessible, is delighted to announce its weekly release of unique fragrance dupes that are carefully selected based on customer reviews. Boasting affordability and unparalleled quality, Be Layered continues to exceed expectations and redefine the essence of luxury in perfumery, providing a fresh olfactory experience for enthusiasts.

Be Layered stands as a beacon of individuality, offering a diverse range of unique and exotic Eau de Parfum inspired by brands like Tom Ford, Dior, and Ariana Grande. Since its inception in 2018 as a passion project catering to custom fragrance requests, Be Layered has evolved into a premium fragrance house serving a global community. With headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, the brand’s roots extend to Cairo, Egypt, embodying a journey that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.

“Our mission is to empower individuals with exquisite, handcrafted scents. We believe that everyone deserves to possess a collection of scents that resonate with their emotions and desires. Be it a sweet and inviting aroma or a warm and spicy fragrance, our commitment is to make luxury accessible to all,” expressed Hany Hafez, the visionary behind Be Layered.

Be Layered doesn’t just cater to individual tastes; it is deeply rooted in diverse community engagements. The brand actively contributes to social causes, partnering with organizations like LA+Acument and Women’s Center for Creative Works. By addressing intergenerational poverty and promoting gender equality, the brand is committed to making the world a better place, one fragrance at a time.

To invite customers into the enchanting world of Be Layered, the brand introduces an irresistible sampler set. With seven coveted fragrances in 5ml vials, customers can play the role of perfumer, creating their own signature scents. This unique set is not only perfect for travel but also serves as an affordable entry point into the world of Be Layered’s exquisite fragrances. Be Layered also offers original creations and single note fragrances, allowing customers to layer notes on top of their favorite perfumes for a unique experience, reflecting the essence of the brand, Layered Fragrances.

“We love playing with notes and proportions. Sometimes, we might enhance a certain floral accord or add a touch of smoky mystery to a classic confection. It’s all about celebrating individuality and pushing the boundaries of what fragrance can be,” adds Hany.

Be Layered is not just a fragrance brand; it’s a commitment to helping individuals look their best and inspiring confidence. Elevate your senses with Be Layered – where luxury meets Affordable Fragrances, and individuality meets expression.

About Be Layered:

Be Layered is a premium fragrance house founded in 2018 with a mission to make luxury fragrances accessible to all. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the brand handcrafts affordable, unique, exotic dupes, single notes, and original fragrances that empower individuals to express themselves authentically.

Contact Information:

Organization: Be Layered

Contact Person: Hany Hafez

Phone Number: 5626669943

Address: 800 South Brookhurst Street