New Paltz, NY, July 28, 2021– The best way to come out on top of a painful experience is to learn the lessons associated with it. Gold Star Wife and patriot Barbara Allen has done just this.

Barbara has been down a difficult, painful road, and she has taken the lessons learned from these experiences and shared them with the public. In her new book, titled What Not to Wear to a Murder Trial, Barbara shares the insight she has learned with her battles against adversity.

In 2005, her husband, Lieutenant Louis Allen, and the Commanding Officer Captain Phillip Esposito, were killed in Iraq at the hands of one of their own soldiers.

The soldier was acquitted of the crime, despite pleading guilty to the act. This is where Barbara’s journey began.

“If you feel trapped under the weight of pain, grief, trauma, and hopelessness, there is something in this book that will help you,” said Barb Allen, American Snippets co-founder.

After years of struggling to rebuild her life, Barbara learned how to flip her pain into a new purpose, and now she is working to help others do the same.

Barbara, along with Dave Brown, also founded American Snippets. American Snippets is a platform centered on “Patriotism with Purpose.” The American Snippets podcast, apparel, and live events all speak to America’s core values and work to support select non-profits.

What Not to Wear to a Murder Trial is not Barbara’s first book. She has also written Front Toward Enemy, and How to Woo a Widow.

The Barbara Allen book is available on the American Snippets website as well as on Amazon. With a foreword by former SEAL Team Six member Rob O’Neill and the endorsements of other amazing Americans like Bedros Keuilian and Taya Kyle, this book lives up to the bar set by its supporters. Drawing not just from her own experiences, but that of over 200 interviews she’s conducted with inspiring Americans, this book is the go-to guide for resiliency. But it’s not for everyone.

“If you are easily offended, commit to overcoming that before you read this book, or just put it down and step away – you’re not ready for me yet,” said Allen.

Barbara calls it as it is in her book, and she leaves no feelings spared. The truth is not always a pleasant one, and Allen reminds the reader of this in her book.

For more information on Barb Allen and American Snippets, you can visit the American Snippets website. Here you can learn more about the patriotic movement underway in America, listen to the podcast, grab patriotic apparel, and more.

About American Snippets: American Snippets is an All-American company founded by Gold Star Wife Barbara Allen and Dave Brown. The Patriotic Podcast, apparel, events, and community celebrate freedom, the American dream, and above all, the USA!

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