Barba Co. is a company that was created to provide high-quality beard care products for bearded men all over the world. They are committed to providing their customers with all-natural, organic, and hand-made beard oil ingredients while maintaining an affordable price point so that every man can enjoy a luxurious grooming experience.


Saint Cloud, FL, March 11, 2022 — Barba Co. is a line of all-natural beard care products made for men with sensitive skin underneath their beards. The company was founded by Rob Reich, a designer with itchy, dry skin under his beard that found relief through regular use of organic oils and balms, which led him to create Barba Co. in 2018. His goal is to provide other bearded men with the same relief he once experienced while preventing them from using harsh chemicals or alcohol on their beards. It was in 2019 when Barba Co. launched its first product: a natural beard oil for softening facial hair and soothing the irritated skin beneath it.

The brand also provides one of the best Wooden Beard Combs on the market, which is great for distributing oils and conditioners throughout your beard. If you’re wondering why the company recommends using a wooden comb instead of a metal comb or a plastic comb, here are some of the reasons:  

  1. Metal beard combs can’t compete with even the dinkiest wooden beard comb. Metal combs also can’t distribute your beard oil and can damage your hair, turning your carefully groomed look into a grizzly mess. 
  2. Wood beard combs are much easier on your follicles, leaving you with a sharp, clean look. They can also train your mane to flow in the right direction and are excellent at removing dirt and oil. 
  3. Sandalwood combs make the best combs for beards because of their smooth texture and dense wood grain. This gives you a durable tool that gently massages your skin when you use it, promoting better hair growth. As an added bonus, sandalwood smells pretty great too!

For the best result, Barba Co. also recommends the use of their Beard Oil, an oil made of jojoba, argan, almond, tree leaf and grape seeds that softens and moisturizes facial hair for a clean, healthy look. It also hydrates skin to reduce itchiness and irritation. So stop itching and start growing because their beard oil made from all-natural ingredients will keep your beard healthy and strong. Your beard will thank you for the care it receives!

If you’re still wondering about their results, here is one of their website reviews: “I have not once used a beard oil beforehand this one, and I’m ecstatic with how prodigious of a product it is. I’ve never been much of a beard oil fellow, but if this is what I’ve been missing out on, then I’ve come to realize that I’ve truly been neglecting my facial hair. The Sandalwood scent oil is excellent as I’m a fan of sandalwood, The aroma isn’t intense, and it’s sophisticatedly delicate and holds through the day. The oil leaves the beard soft and striking. Do brush the beard and moustache with a fine comb for a hygienic polished appearance.” -John F, one of their current customers.

So what are you waiting for? Flaunt your beard with the utmost pride and joy! Find out more about their top-quality products at:

Contact Info:

Name: Rob Reich
Organization: Barba Co.
Address: Saint Cloud, FL
Phone: 480-237-9363