Seattle-based jewelry store Baraka Gemstones & Jewelry prepares to launch a new e-commerce platform on February 24, 2020. The new function will allow customers to design and order custom jewelry shipped straight to their door, as well as open the company up to a global base of clients. From unique engagement rings to handcrafted pieces with unusual stones, Baraka Gemstones & Jewelry has a broad selection to fit any taste or price point. What’s more, it is a social entrepreneurial business, donating at least 10% of their profits to orphan-care worldwide. The new e-commerce function will go live February 24, 2020, and a current inventory can be viewed at

Seattle, WA – January 20, 2020 – Baraka Gemstones & Jewelry, a locally owned full-service fine jewelry store announced that it plans to unveil a wholly updated virtual shopping experience on February 24, 2020.

This new e-commerce store will allow shoppers to shop for unique jewelry online available to order, as well as create custom pieces with a massive range of options for review in their Ballard based studio.

“This will open up our business to customers nationwide and around the globe,” said Jamie Jockwig, owner of Baraka Gemstones & Jewelry. “We’re excited to share our specialties with a wider range of people.”

Baraka Gemstones & Jewelry already serves as the preeminent destination for fine jewelry, providing custom designs, handcrafted pieces, vintage treasures, and some of the most unique engagement rings Seattle has to offer. Now the rest of the world can also enjoy the stunning pieces Baraka brings to life.

The shopping service and custom design features on the new shopping platform are a natural progression for these prolific jewelers, who already provide virtually every sort of fine jewelry service imaginable at their brick and mortar location in Ballard. Now that same level of service will simply be extended much further with the help of their redesign. This eclectic jewelry store Seattle natives have had to themselves for a decade is about to get a whole lot more popular.

The new online shopping experience will go live on February 24, 2020, but current products can already be viewed at

About Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry

For the last decade, Baraka Gemstones & Jewelry has offered clients beautiful and unique pieces regardless of price point. By sourcing genuine, lab-grown, and imitation stones, Baraka has been able to cultivate an unparalleled breadth of inventory that transects every budget.

This company is not just in the business of selling beautiful things, though; they also want to make a positive global impact.

Baraka means “blessings,” and that’s precisely what these Seattle jewelers hope to deliver to those who need a helping hand the most. Baraka Gemstones & Jewelry is a company passionate about charity, and they currently donate at least 10% of their profits to assisting charities and orphanages.

Beyond offering an incredible range of luxury jewelry, Baraka also buys precious metals and stones, and offers repairs and appraisals.

With the advent of Baraka’s new e-commerce platform looming, the company is well-positioned to provide a comfortable and unique shopping experience, as has always been their goal.


Jamie Jockwig, Owner

1521 NW 54th St. Studio 103 Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 783-1313

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