B.E.S Flowmeters has been serving Australia as the best provider of flow switches and flow meters since 1986.


Melbourne, AUS, 15 March 2022— When it comes to flow switches and flow meters, B.E.S Flowmeters is your one-stop shop!

The company was founded in 1986, and has been serving Australia ever since.

“We supply flowmeters to a range of industries, including agriculture, mining, chemical, water conservation, fuel & oil industry, medical, science and education to name a few,” said a B.E.S technician.

B.E.S prides themselves on their quality products such as their flow switch, which is manufactured with Australian components. B.E.S Flowmeters works with name brands such as Macnaught, Siemens, and Kobold to name a few.

B.E.S. has meters for any setup you could imagine. Interested in a digital meter? The B.E.S team carries multiple different styles to suit your needs.

In addition to their high quality products, B.E.S is also known for their competitive prices. B.E.S understands that there are many things that can break a wallet, but their meters are not one of those things.

For more information on B.E.S Flowmeters, you can visit the company website. On the website, customers can view a full catalogue of all the products offered. 

Each product has an in-depth description, and there is even a search function on the web page so you can easily find what you are looking for.

In addition, B.E.S. has a very helpful resource page that provides you with guides and other information about the various meters. 

Don’t know how to calibrate your meter? Fear not, there is a helpful ‘how to’ guide which can be found in the resources tab! There are setup guides for just about every product available on the company website.

There are also installation and setup guides designed to help you install your system properly.

“We designed this resource page to further help out our clients. We put a lot of really good info in there!” said the CEO of B.E.S Flowmeters.

If you still need assistance, feel free to contact the B.E.S team! Simply fill out the inquiry form which can be found on their website, and the company will get back to you in no time!

Be sure to check out Australia’s best meter supplier today!

About B.E.S Flowmeters: B.E.S. Flowmeters pty. Ltd. is a privately owned independent Australian company, based in Melbourne, dedicated to the supply of quality flow measurement products. We have been servicing the Australian market since 1986 with many types of flow meters including, air flow meters, batch meters, electromagnetic flow meters, fuel meters, flow switches, oil meters, positive displacement flow meters, rotameters, turbine meters, ultrasonic meters both fixed & portable, variable area meters for process liquid and gases and water meters for irrigation, effluent, sewerage, wastewater and water treatment, along with a range of instrumentation. Our expertise in the flow measurement field is matched by our quality products from leading manufacturers of measurement and control instrumentation for the process industry.

Contact Information:

Les Beckett
B.E.S Flowmeters
Melbourne, Australia
(03) 5956 8685