Australian Kava imports high-strength kava to Australia, and ships it directly to consumers. By cutting out the middle man the prices customers receive are slashed, allowing them to provide the highest strength and purity Kava at a bare-bones price to Australian customers.


Australia, 3 May 2022 — Australian Kava imports high-strength kava to Australia and ships it directly to consumers. What is Kava?Kava is a plant that is used as a ceremonial drink in the Pacific Islands. Studies have shown that kava can relieve anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. It doesn’t contain alcohol and is safe for most people when used responsibly, it has been used for years in the Pacific Islands to reduce stress and provide feelings of relaxation since the roots of the plant are ground up and brewed into a tea-like drink that acts as a sedative, reducing anxiety without affecting alertness or motor skills. And now, it has just become legal in Australia, and has the highest strength powdered Kava from Vanuatu, available right now, to Buy Kava Australia at the cheapest price.

On their website you’ll notice that they only buy the best kava available, and import all of it directly from their kava suppliers in Vanuatu, ensuring that their quality is high enough for their brands to gain Approved Imports Status (AIS)in Australia. The origins of Kava are believed to have come from a few islands in the South Pacific. These include Fiji, Hawaii and Vanuatu just to name a few. It has been reported that Kava was used in ceremonies for marriages, funerals, and battles when they decided to use it as a “Peace Drug” for special ceremonies. On other occasions, when war was about to commence, the different tribes would drink Kava to ensure that they had a peaceful resolution. In Fiji, they believe that one night a red-eyed tree frog told a woman about the benefits of drinking Kava, so she planted some kava and it grew into a tree. This gave the locals an alternative to alcohol and promoted better living for all.

A study published in August 2013 shows that kava may help treat sleep disorders. Researchers found that people in the study who took kava for one month experienced significant improvements in their ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and experience quality of sleep compared to those taking placebo pills. The results were similar to that of prescription sleeping pills (such as zolpidem) but without the side effects associated with those drugs. As well, researchers had found that kava can reduce the intensity of hot flashes in post-menopausal women. A review published in a 2005 issue of Menopause found that kava extract is “a safe and effective treatment for hot flashes.” And the best: Kava is not addictive like alcohol or benzodiazepines (Xanax). It’s rare for people to become dependent on kava.

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