Racine, WI, February 21, 2023 — Patton Law Office, S.C., the firm located in Kenosha and Racine, Wisconsin, is proud to announce that lead attorney David Patton is featured in the PBS Documentary “Out in Rural America,” a film that shows five stories from the LGBTQ+ community over six years, exploring the issues of self-doubt, discrimination, acceptance and small-town and Midwestern LGBTQ+ life from a cultural, social, familial and religious perspective.

“Out in Rural America” is not a film about hate. It is about love, acceptance, and being true to yourself. It helps viewers understand the distinct challenges of being a part of the LGBTQ+ community in rural America. More importantly, the film encourages LGBTQ+ viewers to accept themselves and find their place in their families and the small communities that they call home.

David is a prominent defender of people struggling with any discrimination and is the owner and lead attorney at Patton Law. His vision of a client-centered law firm is what brought his team together. For him, their clients must be offered the whole package: A battle-hardened fighter, luxury legal service, and reasonable pricing; that’s why he’s currently one of the elite 5% of attorneys honored by Super Lawyers.

At Patton Law Office, S.C., they aim for a Holistic Representation, meaning that they focus on the whole person and the whole of the problem to find more healthy and sustainable solutions to legal issues. They aim to help you beyond just your immediate legal needs by looking at the broader context of your life to see how it is impacting your legal issue. Additionally, they see themselves not just as warriors defending you, your rights, and your family- but as healers, helpers, counselors, problem-solvers, and peacemakers.

Among Patton Law Office, S.C top-quality services, clients will be able to find:

  1. Child Protection: Even the allegation of child abuse and neglect is devastating both for you and for your family. Having your children out of your home is terrifying. You want to do everything you can to get your kids home as soon as possible. They will be beside you every step of the way and work with social workers who have extensive experience in child protection and termination cases. 
  2. criminal defense lawyer services: Patton Law represents clients for everything from misdemeanor retail theft to complex financial crimes, from simple drug possession to conspiracy to distribute, from disorderly conduct to felony aggravated assault in Kenosha, Racine, and the rest of SE Wisconsin.
  3. Indian Law/ICWA: In Indian Country, every case, every legal issue, is about sovereignty. Luckily, David understands that because he has served tribal communities as in-house counsel and advocate in off-rez organizations.
  4. Victim’s Right: Some criminal acts leave victims in dire financial situations, while others result in physical injuries, psychological trauma, or even the death of a loved one. If another person’s crime has victimized you in any way, the Wisconsin victims’ rights attorneys at the Patton Law Office, can fight for your recovery.
  5. Family Rights: Family law is a unique area of law that is concerned with legal disputes among family members and household members. For example, divorce cases, child custody arrangements, adoptions, and domestic violence-related issues will all involve some measure of family law proceedings. If you are facing any type of family law matter, reliable legal counsel is essential.

If you want to find a criminal defense lawyer kenosha based, visit and learn more about their top-quality services. Patton Law Office, S.C has the ideal criminal defense lawyer racine located.

You can watch David’s appearance in “Out in Rural America” on Youtube. 

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