Ronkonkoma, NY, April 8, 2021 – If you are an AT&T business customer, you may notice your phone bill taking a sudden jump.

In March, ACC Business, a division of AT&T, quietly sent a letter to their customers. Customers were informed that AT&T will discontinue AT&T Dedicated T1 and T3 internet access as of July 31, 2021.

In addition, AT&T T1 and T3 customers with a month-to-month arrangement would see a 50% increase in their bill starting in March.

“AT&T is the largest phone service provider in the country. The fact that they are no longer providing Dedicated T1 and T3 Internet to businesses a really big deal,” says JP Panetta, founder of PointVoIP, a top-tier internet voice services provider. “T1 and T3 customers should start preparing now before it’s too late and that is something we can help with.

T1 and T3 have been around a long time and are still used by many businesses. The first version of Transmission System 1 (T1) was introduced in 1962 by Bell System, and could transmit up to 24 telephone calls simultaneously over a single line of copper wire. T3 is simply multiple T1 copper wires for businesses needing more lines. You can learn more about T1 line speed here!

In 1995, the first for-profit voice over internet application was created. In the years that followed, many businesses that chose to move their voice service to the internet found it unreliable. These early VoIP customers experienced dropped calls and bad reception. For this reason, many businesses opted to continue to use their copper T1 phone lines

Voice over Internet technology and internet infrastructure, however, has come a long way since then. High-speed and even Gigabit Fiber Optic internet access is now common in businesses and homes. 

Business owners who are not sure if their phone system uses T1 lines can determine this by looking at their phone bill. Sometimes business owners only find out when their old existing T1 system hardware stops working and they’re faced with the choice of spending thousands of dollars to repair an antiquated system or switching over to a cloud-based solution. 

“The majority of our work on a day-to-day basis is pulling out these old on-premise phone systems such as Avaya, Meridian, Shoretel, and NEC. We work with customers to set up a cloud-based phone system that is ideal for them. With a VoIP system, owners and employees can take their business number home with them. Something that is really important right now,” says JP Panetta. “They can answer their business line right on their cell phone without giving up their cell numbers.”

PointVoIP, based in Long Island, NY, has helped customers eliminate the worry about equipment breakdown and saved them thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. 

Between the discontinuation of T1 and T3 internet service by AT&T and the highly reliable and cost-effective Voice Over IP providers, it might not be long before the only place a traditional copper wire desk phone will be found is in a museum.

About the company: PointVoiP offers Long Island NY, as well as nationwide, VoIP services for businesses that allow individuals the flexibility to make and receive calls from desk phones, computers, tablets, and cell phones. We strive to improve satisfaction in business communications by providing increased customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and better cost control.

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