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Looking to do some bowling training?

Bowling is a sport that most people often get into during their college years. It’s a team sport, meaning different teams take part in to outmatch the others. Teams often stay together and play against each other on the regular, even after college.

This is because bowling is among the sports that spark the competitive nature of players. It is often the people continue to develop their skills in the sport. Most players play every day until their arms ache and become sore.

It’s at this point where people believe they’re at the top of their game. There’s still a way for them to become a better bowler, though. They can achieve this by doing the proper exercises.

Read what’s below to find out what the best exercises are!

1. Overhead Stretches

Stretching will help you make your body more flexible. Since bowling will have you carrying and swinging a heavy ball, you need to be as flexible as you can be. This will prevent your muscles, ligaments, and tendons from tearing when performing a specific action.

Overhead stretches are the best stretches for the situation. It stretches the most used muscles when you’re bowling. It will lessen any damage you may sustain during your game.

Doing this before every game is a great way to prepare your body. Stretches also reduce the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles. This helps you prevent feeling sore sooner into the game.

2. Lateral Lunges

Another important aspect of bowling is your stance. This involves the buildup to your stance, too. The way you walk down the aisle will play a huge role in the momentum of your throw.

A slow start can mean you will not have any momentum to carry the ball. It causes the ball to be less impactful when it hits, leading to fewer pins falling. Trying to have a fast and powerful start without the proper warm-ups can lead to torn leg muscles.

This is a good reason to perform lateral lunges before any game. This increases the flexibility of your legs to improve your stance.

Consider doing lunges to a rear-foot balance, too. This helps you maintain your balance as you throw your ball. It can improve your accuracy by a significant amount.

3. Wrist Flexions

The wrist faces a lot of punishments while you’re bowling. It carries the brunt of the weight of the ball when you throw it down the lane. Unprepared wrists can face dislocation or fractures when they’re introduced to a ball that’s too heavy.

Incorporating wrist flexions to your workout routine is a great way to counteract this. This workout strengthens everything in your throwing arm. It helps your wrist, fingers, and your forearm becomes much stronger.

4. Burpees

Doing a full-body workout is optional but recommended so your body doesn’t falter during a game. Burpees are ideal since they’re easy to execute and will strengthen key points of the body for bowling. They also improve your body’s coordination when performing different actions.

Doing burpees will make everything about bowling easier. It also helps you lose weight. This will make it easier for you to carry the ball down the lane before throwing it.

People often get winded after doing this because of their weight. Reducing it will be a great way to keep yourself on top of the game. Keeping your composure during a game is a great way to master bowling.


5. Cardio

Speaking of being out of breath, consider doing cardio to improve your bowling skills. Cardio helps you increase your endurance for longer games into the night. It’s also another way to help you release short bursts of strength even when you’re at your limit.

What’s great about cardio is that it’s easy to incorporate them into your workout routine. You can do anything from power-walking to the venue to going for a lap or two in the local swimming pool. Any aerobics are great for cardio.

Having a lot of endurance also has a psychological impact on your game. It can help you be confident, which can then help you win the game.

6. Sit-Ups

Strengthening your core is also important for your at-home bowling training routine. Your core is your body’s foundation of strength. Having a solid core means it’s easier for you to improve the other parts of your body.

Sit-ups are a great way to strengthen your core. Using your abdominal muscles to carry the weight of your upper body is an easy way to strengthen it. The heavier you are, the harder it will be to do it, but you’ll strengthen your core sooner.

It’s also a good idea to engage your core when you’re doing other workouts. Doing this makes the workout more intense. However, it will ensure you get used to having your core engaged even when during smaller tasks.

It will become easier for you to carry the ball close to your chest when you do this. This is important so you can have a more accurate shot.

7. Side Planking

Your arms should also be stronger if you want to improve your game. Doing side planks is a great way to do this. This puts all the weight of your body on either hand, strengthening it.

Doing this makes it easier for you to carry the ball. This means you won’t shake as much when throwing it.

8. Squeezing Hand Grippers

Your grip will also matter when you’re bowling. Professional bowlers have a solid grip and it helps them have better accuracy when they throw the ball. A weak grip on the ball makes it harder for you to throw straight.

The ball may veer to the left or right if you have a bad grip. Squeezing hand grippers is an easy way to resolve this. These strengthen your grip, meaning you’ll have a better hold on the ball.

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Improving your bowling game doesn’t mean you have to go to the bowling alley all the time. Do these at-home bowling training routines, instead! Increase your chances of success with these bowling workouts today!

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