Aspect Wall Art, a wall art designer and manufacturer based in Bourne that emphasizes the use of high-quality materials and techniques, has expanded onto the Amazon Handmade selling platform.

Bourne, UK – Technological advances in vinyl cutting techniques and equipment have led to a boom in adhesive wall art. Now, these designs are even easier to acquire, thanks in part to one UK company’s expansion onto the Amazon Handmade selling platform.

Aspect Wall Art, a company based in Bourne, UK, has been designing, manufacturing and selling customized wall stickers for four years, and recently expanded onto the Amazon platform to capitalize on the growing trend in vinyl wall decorations.

The company creates the vinyl stickers by placing the design on a silicon coated backing paper and then cutting away the excess vinyl with a high-tech vinyl cutting machine. A low tack application tape is then placed on top, which holds the design in its intended format, which is then ready to apply to the chosen surface.

Once the transfers have been applied, the application tape is removed, an entirely unique wall sticker adorns the wall. Aspect Wall Art stickers are created using opaque, seventy-micron mat vinyl, which gives the impression of a smooth, beautifully painted design. The vinyl is specifically made to wall art specifications and has a semi-permanent adhesive that is much easier to remove than standard vinyl. The painted surface underneath is totally unaffected, and when removed the vinyl will leave no damage and very little residue.

Other companies sometimes use cheap materials or techniques, but Aspect Wall Art spends a lot of time making sure that their artwork is perfect, which means there aren’t any rough edges or poorly designed artwork.

These easy-to-apply vinyl wall art stickers are perfect for anyone looking to brighten up walls, make a statement, or simply be unique.

While they have a range of pre-made designs, Aspect Wall Art can also create beautiful and unique designs that are tailor-made for each customer. Simply contact Aspect Wall Art and give them some information about the type of design you would like, including sizes and possible colours, and they will be happy to create a custom design that will be truly unique. 

Each of their vinyl wall decals also comes with a free application spreader, and with step-by-step fitting instructions, which guarantees that the application is easy for people of all abilities.

So if you’re looking for a way to brighten up any room in your house, have a look at Aspect Wall Art. And be sure to visit Aspect Wall Art on Facebook.

About the Company: Aspect Wall Art has been around for approximately four years designing, manufacturing and selling vinyl wall stickers to customers around the world, including creating custom work for local businesses. After leaving his previous job as a meter reader, Mat Chiappini spent many hours trying to come up with credible business ideas. He eventually decided to use the skills he had learnt as a sign maker over 3 years to start up his own business selling unique top-quality wall stickers. Aspect Wall Art’s stunning, highly rated wall stickers are now available via their own Website, Amazon Handmade and on eBay.

Press Contact:

Name: Matthew Chiappini
Address: 36 Buttercup Dr, Bourne PE10 0PZ, UK
Phone: 07939995725