Arrivala, an online review collection platform, announces the release of its white label review collection and management service, enabling marketers, SEO specialists, and marketing agencies to collect and manage client reviews as a part of their marketing packages.


Atlantic Beach, FL, April 21, 2020 – If you’re a marketer, SEO specialist or marketing agency, you understand how important reviews are to not only your own business model, but also to the success of your clients.

Reviews can determine search engine placement. They can also affect the company’s ability to show up in map results, and increase the click-through rate among many other things. A robust strategy for review collection is vital to your clients’ success. What if you could include a solid review collection function as part of your marketing package?

Whether you are an SEO specialist, a marketer, or a digital agency, Arrivala has a solution for you. Arrivala has developed a White Label Review Management & Collection Service that provides a cost-effective, feature-rich platform for automated review collection that your clients will love.

Perhaps you are in the process of formulating a strategy for 2020, trying to determine how to drive engaged leads to your client’s sites. Or maybe you are looking for services you can potentially upsell, or searching for ways of increasing the value of your marketing packages. In all of these cases, Arrivala’s White Label Review Collection, Management For Resellers & Agencies may be the perfect option.

One of the best things about review collection is that the reviews are tangible. Unlike a lot of other marketing or SEO techniques, clients are able to see their reviews increasing in real-time. The results of a solid review collection strategy can begin to be seen in days, rather than the months it takes to see results with lots of other SEO and marketing strategies. It makes for a much easier sales pitch, enabling you to sell your marketing plans and then work on other long term strategies behind the scenes, which are often based on larger, more time-consuming efforts.

As Arrivala was developing it Review Collection Service For Resellers, Marketers, it realized that it wanted to be a partner for its resellers, and not just a provider. Therefore, Arrivala knew its pricing model needed to be affordable in order to allow resellers the ability to realize a substantial profit when they sold it to their client.  With most plans on the market costing more than $40 per month per client, it was simply not a competitive price for the average small business owner. 

Arrivala knew it could be done better, and the new white label review collection and management service is the result.

Review collection and online reputation management are huge markets right now. They are essential for small business online growth. If you are a marketing professional or agency owner which currently offers PPC, SEO, or any other digital marketing services, but you are not incorporating review collection, now is your chance to get involved.

About the Company: Arrivala helps businesses build their online reputation through automated review collection.

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