Arrivala, an online review collection platform, announces the release of Review Flow C, a more direct approach to online review collection that sends reviewers directly to third-party review sites and offers increased international support.


Atlantic Beach, FL, March 9, 2020 – When Arrivala, a Business review collection & reputation management service, released Review Flow B late last year, existing clients received it with much gratitude. No sooner had it been released, however, than the company knew it had to go even further. Two weeks ago, the next step arrived with the release of the third version of review flow, “Review Flow C.”

“Review Flow C is a huge milestone for us as a company”, Cabe Nolan, founder of Arrivala said in a statement. “This now puts us at three total review flows that our clients can switch between at any time. It allows Arrivala to cater to an even greater audience of customers, providing more flexibility to ensure their reviews are being distributed in the most effective way possible to the greatest audience possible.”

Review Flow C bypasses the entire Arrivala website and instead sends the reviewer straight to third party websites, like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Avvo. Review Flow C is, therefore, the fastest way for reviewers to go from an email or text message directly to writing a public review. This review speed reduces the risk of the reviewer potentially “falling off” during the review process and failing to share the review.

As with all of Arrivala’s review flows, this approach has various pros and cons. The biggest drawback of Review Flow C is the lack of negative review filtering. Since reviewers are sent straight to Google, Facebook or another site, there is no way to know whether the customer’s experience was positive or negative. Review Flow C is best used by companies who understand the risk, or feel confident that their reviewers will record positive experiences.

Another drawback of Review Flow C is the inability to pre-populate your Arrivala Microsite with reviews, since the review information is not first collected on Arrivala’s platform.

For clients who like the thought of more direct reviews but still like the safety of negative review filtering, Review Flow B is your best bet. Since the release of Review Flow B in late 2019, it has quickly become Arrivala’s most popular review flow among premium users. The combination of a quicker review process, negative review filtering, and partial review collection on the Arrivala website before being prompted to share makes for a great mix of features.

International markets including the U.K., Canada, & Australia continue to see major growth, and Arrivala has continued to improve the platform in support of more countries and regions. Toward the end of 2019, they increased support for multiple time zones, localized phone numbers, and greater control over the timing of email and text review requests.

They have also begun adding review platforms for specific countries outside of the U.S. This month, for example, they released integrations with CarGuru’s U.K., as well as More country-specific platform integrations are expected in the near future.

Arrivala is one of the only review collection platforms featuring international support that doesn’t charge extra for text message review requests in Canada, the U.K., Australia or New Zealand.

Thus far in 2020, we have seen major changes across Google’s search results and a continuing dedication on Google’s part to improving their Google My Business service. It is absolutely imperative that you continue to collect Google Reviews as we move into 2020 and beyond. Failure to do so will put your business behind the curve vis-a-vis competitors who are being proactive in review collection.

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