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Alsip, IL, November 13, 2020- Argires Snacks is continually generating good news for its customers and distributors. They now outrank other leading ready to eat popcorn brands in average weekly store sales. 

SPINS data has revealed that Argires Snacks’ Utterly Addictive & Outrageously Good popcorn sales exceed the four largest brands in the Midwest region leading at $189.92 weekly per store.

“We bring you the freshest popcorn, nuts, and snacks – and we get ‘em to you fast from field to table because we believe that fast and fresh enhances the taste,” says CEO of Argires Snacks, George Argires. “That’s why we work our hardest with all of our suppliers to make sure the freshest, healthiest batches are picked for you to enjoy, your way. Business orders are shipped on time and in full when you need them.

By partnering with Argires Snacks, you will find your popcorn sales increase and your snacking customers are happier.  This growth premium is inherent when selling Argires Snacks. Download this Argires Performance Data for validation of the company’s impressive popcorn sales growth at retail.

“Packing our popcorn full of big taste that makes big smiles isn’t just our commitment – it’s our passion,” says Mr. Argires. “We take joy in rolling up our sleeves, focusing on every detail of our products, and finding the most wholesome, healthy ingredients to use across all of our products. We believe in taste without compromise – and we know it takes dedication to deliver it every day. Because nothing beats the feeling of unlocking the delicious potential in new snacks for our customers.”

Over the years, the Argires family business has evolved into an expanding enterprise based on its core values. Their team strives to be known for consistency, trust, openness, respect, and honesty in everything they do.“You can count on our excellent customer service 24 x7. Bring Argires Snacks to your shelves today and unleash Outrageously Good sales performance and snack category growth through big taste and proven partnership!” says Mr. Argires.

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About Argires Snacks: 

Founded in 1949, Argires Snacks is a family-owned, high-quality snack processor located in Alsip, IL. The company manufactures ready to eat popcorn, nuts of many varieties, and snack mixes for the entire family.

Contact Information:

Name: George Argires, CEO 
Company: Argires Snacks
Address: 12345 S. Latrobe Ave., Alsip, IL 60803
Phone: 800.837.0100