Acoustic wave therapy has been around a lot longer than you think. We now have an option to do it at home thanks to The Phoenix. So, are men ready to follow a treatment protocol and maintain results in the years to come? Let’s find out.


New York, January 17, 2022— Did you know that the leading cause of ED is a lack of blood flow?

As we age, blood flow naturally decreases to the penis. What makes blood flow decrease or constrict even more is plaque build up in the arteries and vessels from health conditions, bad eating habits, and poor lifestyle choices. This is where ED can become a complex issue. When you have multiple causes, treating ED can become much more difficult.

The good news is that treatment options have evolved in the past couple of years and men are now able to treat the leading cause of ED at home. In 2020, the first at-home acoustic wave device, called The Phoenix, came to the market. It’s FDA-registered and it is the only medical-grade, at-home acoustic wave device capable of offering the same clinical strength therapy offered in men’s health clinics across the country.

As more men learn about the benefits of acoustic wave therapy, the question we all have is whether or not men are ready to follow an acoustic wave treatment protocol at home, and whether or not they’re able to maintain results in the years to come.

The Phoenix at Home Acoustic Wave Device Continues To Help Men Fix the Leading Cause of Ed

Two years ago (before The Phoenix) a man would have to drive to a men’s health clinic to get acoustic wave treatment. At an average cost of $500 dollars per treatment with a doctor, many guys would see the benefits after completing 6-12 treatments (but many need even more), which equates to $3000 to $6000 dollars – or more!

Thankfully technology has caught up. Today, you can own a Phoenix device for a one-time purchase of $879 dollars and safely do it yourself at home. There are also financing options, with payments as low as $41/mo.

The device is engineered to deliver over 70 full-strength treatments without a prescription (more than most guys will ever need). An equivalent number of treatments in a clinic would cost over $30,000 if you do the math.

In the years since The Phoenix came to the market, this amazing device has helped over 25,000 men restore blood flow and perform better in the bedroom. There’s no question as to whether or not it works. 98% of men keep their devices after their generous 60-day home trial!

In fact, it actually helps prove that men are ready to treat the leading cause of ED at home. They understand that this is not a one-time solution, but a process to enjoy better erections for years to come.

According to Launch Medical, their surveys indicate at least 85% of men who complete Dr. Thompson’s 120-day protocol experience noticeable results. They also have hundreds of reviews and video testimonials from guys explaining their success and how The Phoenix has helped them.

One notable review of The Phoenix is from BDEStyle, a men’s sexual health educator and advocate that breaks down the causes of ED and guides men on how to be a better man in and out of the bedroom. Rich, a member of their community, used The Phoenix last year in July of 2020 and recently wrote on his experience and results 1 year later. He stresses the importance of understanding the causes of ED and adopting a mindset to appreciate your erections once you’ve used the Phoenix. By doing so, you’ll be in full control of your sexual health.

More Than Just Acoustic Wave Therapy at Home

The way acoustic wave therapy works is by safely dissolving the plaque that has collected in existing blood vessels, while creating painless microtrauma in the tissue to trigger the body’s natural healing response. This process is called angiogenesis, which rushes stem cells and other vital nutrients into the area to help penile tissue recover while also creating new blood vessels. Over time this results in improved performance and more blood vessels to maximize blood flow and better erections.

While The Phoenix at home acoustic wave therapy device offers an incredible solution for the root cause of ED, it’s only one piece of the equation. In order to improve blood flow and performance in the bedroom, you’ll need to address the root causes of ED… all of them.

Men are constantly looking for ways to improve their sex lives. But, some men don’t want to work on eating healthy, exercising regularly, relieving stress, improving their relationships or other areas in their lives. This makes us question if all men are ready for The Phoenix at home protocol. Some will say yes, while others will need to work on themselves first in order to see the benefits of acoustic wave therapy.

Men also need to understand that maintenance is required after doing cycles of acoustic wave treatment. You can reap the benefits now, but ED can always come back in the future. That’s the key takeaway.

Doing a cycle of treatments once doesn’t mean you’re cured or freed from ED. Age, health conditions and lifestyle choices can affect how well acoustic wave treatment works for the average guy and how long it will last.

The benefit of owning an at-home acoustic wave device like The Phoenix is that regardless of if your results start to diminish, you can always re-treat in the future. You can use The Phoenix at home acoustic wave device to prevent the natural decline in blood flow as we age as well as preserve your erections in the future.

As of today, The Phoenix at home Li-ESWT device is recommended by urologists Dr. Paul Thompson, Dr. Amy B. Killen, Dr. Vuu, and is used in clinics around the U.S.

Launch Medical continues to see growth as more health-conscious men and women become a part of a bigger community to help men “rise again” in their respective industries. Influencers and Phoenix users are partnering up with Launch Medical to share the benefits of acoustic wave therapy and how you can own a more effective solution at home, versus resorting to the temporary and unsafe effects from pills and injections.

Using The Phoenix is how real men deal with the leading cause of ED. It impacts everyone, eventually, so don’t delay. Get yours today. Don’t forget, you get 60 days to try it, risk-free. Plus, you can take advantage of their financing options with payments as low as $41/mo.

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