Pleasanton, CA, April 17, 2020: Businesses are always finding ways to improve their employees’ productivity. Technology can aid both businesses and staff members, keeping track of time and performance. There are lots of tools on the market and many businesses may not know which ones are the best.

This is where Apploye, Inc. comes in. Apploye offers high-quality time monitoring and employee tracking software. This technology is ideal for businesses that are switching to remote work, especially for businesses that are telecommuting in the wake of the pandemic. Apploye, Inc. is currently offering a free two-month access period for businesses affected by the global health crisis.

This software includes many features, including time tracking technology. What’s different about Apploye, Inc. are the customization options. For example, you can choose automatic or manual time tracking software. You can effectively track when an employee logs in, when they take breaks, and when they clock out. Apploye’s unique software also tracks how long employees work on each project, ensuring your staff stays productive.

Employers can view these timetables as a daily, weekly and monthly view. This helps employers and managers better track deadlines and project completion. This also helps employers and managers better create a staff member’s schedule while also better monitoring their work performance.

No time tracking software is complete without employee monitoring. The employee monitoring software offered by Apploye, Inc. can take screenshots, monitor any websites and apps visited, and even tracks keystrokes. The screenshots are taken every ten minutes, ideal for remote workers. The software also tracks an employee’s GPS location, helping monitor remote employees even more efficiently.

All of this prevents time wasted and can monitor any downtime that interferes with project completion.

Employee monitoring software can be controversial if it interferes with an employee’s privacy. While Apploye, Inc.’s software does track productivity, the software also provides plenty of privacy. Employers can only see what apps and websites employees visit, not exposing any data or other sensitive information.

Due to health concerns, many businesses are establishing a work from home order. Apploye, Inc.’s software offers helpful remote working tools, such as employee scheduling and online timesheets, employee and project monitoring, apps and URL tracking, productivity tracking, field service management, and even a GPS tracker.

Apploye, Inc.’s software also helps business owners complete their vital tasks in a remote environment. For example, Apploye, Inc. offers a fast and easy payroll solution. You can set your employee’s rates and track payments, all on one system. You can also manage your business expenses directly on the app, such as bill payments and where you’re spending your money.

About Apploye, Inc.

Apploye Inc. created an innovative app that helps employers better track their employees. Employers can manage activity level, productivity, reports, timesheets, and project progress — all on one app. Apploye is compatible with both desktop and mobile. This app is ideal for remote employees but can also track the productivity of your office employees. Apploye, Inc. is offering a free two-month access period for businesses affected by the current pandemic.

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