APEX Recovery Rehab announces an exciting new partnership with Nashville Behavioral Health.


San Diego, CA, March 2, 2022— APEX Recovery Rehab in San Diego is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nashville Behavioral Health. The addition of Nashville Behavioral Health further strengthens the approach of APEX Recovery Rehab to build upon its diverse approach to therapy for a number of treatments.

APEX Recovery Rehab specializes in a variety of treatments for addiction with a focus on acquiring top-of-the-line physicians, licensed professionals, and psychologists to create tailor-made treatment plans focusing on the behavioral, emotional, psychological, social, and physical facets of addiction.

With a key aspect of its treatment focusing on the mental health of patients, conducting treatment plans such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, APEX Recovery Rehab is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Nashville Behavioral Health as a sister company.

Nashville Behavioral Health has acquired an amazing reputation as a boutique mental health firm specializing in addiction treatment and psychotherapy. Having served Nashville for almost two decades with a variety of staff covering numerous mental health disciplines, it was a natural fit with APEX Recovery Rehab to further improve its comprehensive approach to delivering addiction treatment and mental health services that burrow deep into the root cause.

APEX Recovery Rehab is a treatment center synonymous with uncovering the layers of an individual in the throes of addiction and/or mental health issues. Partnering with Nashville Behavioral Health, whose services cover a number of disciplines including child therapy, marriage therapy, family therapy, and post-finasteride therapy, this working relationship will only serve to improve upon the treatment of mental health and addictive behaviors throughout the United States, working towards holistic methods of helping individuals deal with a variety of conditions.

With our latest partnership with Nashville Behavioral Health, it is our hope to have a comprehensive approach to dealing with addiction and mental health issues that inspires and educates. Working with Nashville Behavioral Health to help pioneer new and exciting methods of treatment is the next step in our plans, and we hope that it fosters a special working relationship that will help countless numbers of people.

About APEX Recovery Rehab: APEX Recovery Rehab is an addiction healthcare company for people looking for a number of addiction and mental health treatments in California. Based in San Diego, the rehab center covers a variety of treatment programs; their approach focuses on detoxification within a relaxing drug-free environment, as well as therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Therapy.

Through our comprehensive approach to care, we have made a concerted effort to recruit top-of-the-line professionals, psychologists, and physicians to create a tailor-made treatment plan, focusing on the behavioral, emotional, psychological, social, and physical facets of addiction

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