Apex Law Service is an outsourced paralegal practice and consultancy based in California, which specializes in both performing outsourced paralegal work and offering consulting services to entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing an outsourced paralegal business.


Southern California, April 8, 2020 -The same increasing costs of legal services which has encouraged more and more legal clients and attorneys to outsource their legal and paralegal work also presents a unique business opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in setting up a paralegal outsourcing business. Apex Law Service, a company that specializes in outsourced paralegal work, also offers consulting services to entrepreneurs  who are interested in establishing paralegal sub-contracting businesses.

Apex Law Service specializes in two aspects of the paralegal business model authorized by the American Bar Association. First, Apex Law Services connects clients in need of legal services with attorneys, and subsequently performs for the attorneys the paralegal work related to the case, during which the clients pay a reduced legal retainer in addition to the regular attorney’s retainer.

Second, Apex Law Service provides consulting services for entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up an outsourced paralegal business of this type. Working with more than twenty trained paralegals, Apex Law Service is able to offer subcontracted paralegal services at heavily reduced rates.

The independent paralegals at Apex Law Services have the training, skills, and experience to perform most types of paralegal work that would otherwise be performed by law firms in house. They are also able to create larger paralegal teams, and by working as sub-contractors at reduced rates, they are operating within a business model that corresponds to the well-defined structures established by the American Bar Association’s Rules of Lawyer Use of Paralegal Services.

Apex Law Service offers consulting services to entrepreneurs interested in establishing this type of outsourced paralegal business model. While Apex Law service usually performs the initial client intake and documentation prior to establishing an attorney relationship, which is done free of charge, Apex Law Service only performs paralegal work as instructed by an attorney. 

Operating within this business model allows Apex Law Service to do freelance paralegal work for public clients at a rate which is far less than they would normally be charged by a law firm, while at the same time providing the client with paralegal work that is supervised and reviewed by an attorney. In addition, Apex Law Service helps attorneys by removing the stress related to the marketing and running of a law office.

As with any outsourced paralegal enterprise, the business’s clients would need to be assured that you are acting in their best interests.  With years of experience in the business, Apex Law Service can help entrepreneurs by helping them look at the overall picture of setting up and running a paralegal sub-contracting business.

About the Company: Apex Law Service is a paralegal outsourcing practice specializing in connecting legal clients with attorneys to provide representation, performing outsourced paralegal work, and consulting with entrepreneurs on the process of establishing outsourced paralegal services.

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